Yeast Face Mask: Magical Effect


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Home Facial Mask with Yeast creates the real miracles, because the yeast is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals that are so important for the normal functioning of skin cells.

Home Facial Mask with Yeast does:

  1. B vitamins refresh and tone the skin, increase blood circulation in cells, normalize metabolic processes;
  2. antioxidants and amino acids, which are contained in yeast, restore skin youthful glow, reduced synthesis of collagen and elastin;
  3. vitamin PP, N, E are essential for the nutrition of the skin;
  4. minerals actively nourish the skin, make it elastic, resistant to external influences.
Yeast Face Mask: Magical Effect

Yeast Face Mask: Magical Effect

If you make a yeast face mask exactly to the prescription and take into account all the advice on its preparation, it will turn your skin into a real velvet and eliminate most of the problems.

Yeast Face Mask: Indications and Contraindications

Like any other home face masks, yeast face mask has a number of indications for use, which should be known before to undertake its preparation. Yeast face mask is recommended:

  • for oily skin: no other cosmetic product is capable so makes narrow enlarged pores and eliminate as soon as possible unhealthy shine of the face;
  • for problem skin: such home facial mask is very good: brewer’s yeast perfectly cope with inflammations, acne and black points;
  • for aging skin: the use of yeast in that they restore the skin collagen is lost with age, leaving your skin regains its youth and elasticity; so this homemade anti-aging face mask is very effective in fight with wrinkles;
  • for dry skin: any home face masks with yeast has complete mixture of necessary moisturizing ingredients, so it takes care for dry skin;
  • when you have excessive paleness or redness of the skin of your face: yeast face mask tones and gives to skin a beautiful matte or pearly shade that will delight anyone.

With regard to contraindications, yeast face mask is prepared on the basis of exclusively natural products, most of which do not cause side effects. Yeast themselves do not cause allergy, so that no restrictions on the use of such home face masks does not exist.

Very rare cases where a person has been idiosyncrasy of this product. Any yeast face mask has the most positive reviews. If you want to make sure that the yeast mask will not cause harm to your skin, apply a small amount of diluted yeast in warm water in the wrist and rinse after 10 minutes if there is no reaction, you can safely proceed to the recipes.

Best Face Masks Recipes with Yeast

There are many face masks recipes from yeast with a variety of accessory ingredients. Choose the ones that are perfect for your skin type. Remember that yeast is particularly good mask for oily skin and for skin inflammation.

Remember that you should not abuse this mask: the yeast face mask is good if you use it 1-2 times a week. Better use the yeast in blocks that crumble before preparing masks. Most of them are recommended to keep the face to dry completely. Yeast after using the mask is easily removed with warm water (better to take only the filtered, free of impurities). So, the choice – for you!

Best Face Masks Recipes with Yeast

Best Face Masks Recipes with Yeast


  • 1. Sour milk
    Yeast carefully rub (1 tablespoon), mixed with warm yogurt (1 tablespoon) and the same amount of low-fat sour cream. This yeast face mask will dry problematic oily skin and improve complexion.
  • 2. Flour
    Yeast (1 tablespoon) diluted in warm water to form a liquid and to be thickened with rye or wheat flour until creamy state. Pot with a mass should be wrapped with a warm towel and left in a warm place for 3 hours.
  • 3. Lemon Protein
    Yeast (1 tablespoon) diluted in warm water until creamy state, mixed with lemon juice (1 teaspoon) and egg white. Lemon yeast face mask relieves even the most problematic skin.


  • 4. Vegetable Oil
    Yeast (1 tablespoon) mixed with any vegetable oil (3 tablespoons).
  • 5. Mixed
    Yeast (1 tablespoon) with warm milk, stir until creamy, egg yolk, honey (1 teaspoon) and olive oil (2 teaspoons). This yeast face mask can help get rid of black dots and various kinds of inflammation as soon as possible.


  • 6. Complex
    Yeast (1 tablespoon) diluted in warm milk, mix with raw egg, olive oil (1 tablespoon), honey (1 teaspoon) and flour (1 tablespoon with slide). The effect of this home facial mask can be compared with the effect on the skin scrub.
  • 7. Milk
    Yeast (2 tablespoons) to dissolve in warm milk until thick masks that you can apply it on the face.
  • 8. Vitamin
    Yeast (1 tablespoon) is dissolved until thick in fresh fruit juice (sweet apples, apricots, grapes, melon), vegetables (squash, carrots) and berries (gooseberries, cherries, watermelon). Pots with a mixture put in warm water and wait for the fermentation. Vitamin yeast face mask against acne has reviews only the most admiring and grateful.


  • 9. Cucumber
    Yeast (2 teaspoons) diluted in fresh cucumber juice until a thick mass. Superimposed on areas with strong pigmentation.
  • 10. Hydrogen Peroxide
    Yeast (2 teaspoons) diluted in 3% hydrogen peroxide.

If you are tired to sort out one after the other cosmetic to find the best option for your skin, discover the magical effect on the skin with yeast face mask, which is so easy to prepare at home with their own hands. If you are tired of the creams, crowded chemicals, give rest for your skin under the miraculous yeast mask. And very soon you will not be able to take satisfaction from the beautiful sight of your own reflection in the mirror.