How to Do Makeup for Green Eyes


  • Major Errors in Makeup for Green Eyes.
  • Everyday Makeup Tips for Green Eyes.
  • Best Makeup for Green Eyes – Expressive feline eyes.
  • Evening Party Makeup for Green Eyes.
  • Makeup Tips for Green Eyes Based on Hair Color.

The owners of green eyes can boast not only by rare shade, but also the natural playfulness of look, with the presence therein of a mystery. Green eyes are a real godsend for makeup artists and stylists. They do not need to be used only with one color of palette shadows, are highlighted favorably by the arrows and combined with almost any kind of makeup. Green-eyed girl looks beautiful and natural with light make-up, and with breathtaking Smoky Eyes or so called Feline Eyes. However, to focus on your merits is better properly and moderately. In this case, you will emphasize your rare natural beauty, as well as skillfully hide some disadvantages in the eye shape, if there are any of them.

Major Errors in Makeup for Green Eyes

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How to Do Makeup for Green Eyes

To create a proper and beautiful makeup for green eyes, first we need to know, what mistakes are most often made, when applying cosmetics.

  • Bright green eyes require edging, so you should not neglect to paint the eyebrows, if they are too light or rare;
  • Avoid the repeating of exact eye color by applying shadows;
  • Discard the makeup, completely composed of shades of gray, especially if your eye color is gray-green;
  • The owners of a lighter shade of green eyes should be wary with too bright and dark colors in makeup;
  • Green eyes do not tolerate the saturated liner, especially if it is located on the bottom and on the upper eyelid. This type of arrows visually reduces the eye, making their color more faded;
  • Despite the fact, that for green-eyed girls the pink hues in the palette of shadows fit nice, their shades should be treated with caution. It is recommended to give preference to reddish and purple shades, but do not use the explicit pink and peach color;
  • Jet black color can give some heaviness and fatigue for eyes. To make the smoky makeup for green-eyes is better to use with brown and chocolate colors. The same applies to mascara and eyeliner pencil. Best to give preference for muted shades, but do not use too contrasting black color;
  • For green-eyed girls is better to abandon the use of blue and green color palette in makeup. Green and blue colours in makeup are mutually exclusive.

Everyday Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

Far not every woman has enough time to spend for applying impressive makeup. Green-eyed girls are lucky in this regard,as their natural beauty does not need the screaming makeup to look good.

Easy day makeup for green eyes can be applied for 10-15 minutes.

  • If the skin has the minor flaws, apply a concealer using dot technique. Following apply a thin layer of light foundation or powder on the face.
  • Having the smooth tones of skin, shading the cheekbones.
  • Apply the light shadows on the upper eyelid. Preferable the olive, beige or brown colours.
  • Emphasize the outer corners of the eye with shadows, that are a few shades intensive than basis. Especially this item is relevant for girls, who have the almond-shaped eyes or their corners raised.
  • Spend a thin line along the lashes, using eyeliner with chocolate hue.
  • Complete image using mascara in brown or dark-gray.

Advice. To add a spicy look to the daily makeup, you can use the shadow of the more vibrant colors.

If natural makeup for green eyes is to use the cold colors, pay attention on the smoky lilac shade, fuchsia, deep pink-silver tones. If the total range of colors is warm, use gold, cream and muted peach tones.

how to do makeup for green eyes

How to Do Makeup for Green Eyes

Best Makeup for Green Eyes – Expressive feline eyes

Among the ideas of makeup for green eyes, this type of a make-up is the most popular. Make-up is universal: will be relevant in everyday life and on any celebration.

It has its “contra” – a makeup strongly not fit for women with small or narrow eyes.

Let’s look at how to do makeup for green eyes with effect of feline eyes.

  • For this makeup nvolves applying the base colour of shadows, without isolation of the outer corner of the eye;
  • Using the eyeliner, draw a thin line as close to the lashes, starting from the inner corner of the eye;
  • On the outer corner, draw a raised tail. At the same time leave the line thin and do not fill with color;
  • Draw the line on your own taste, connecting it with the tail gently and naturally as possible. Note, that the broad line will make your eyes more rounded and visually enlarge them, while the thin arrow visually lengthen the shape of the eyes;
  • By thin line connect the arrow with inner corner of eye to create the effect of elevated eyelids;
  • You can complete the makeup with ink, but some people prefer to leave only “cat” arrow.

Evening Party Makeup for Green Eyes

As mentioned before, even under intense smoky makeup for the girls with green-eyes is better not to use gray and black shades. Therefore, the most expressive and best makeup for green eyes would be “smoky” look, created by the combination of chocolate tones.

  • To start make an expressive shape for your eyebrows. For this use a pencil or shadow of cool brown colours. The ideal solution would be to pick up the pencil in tone of your hair, certainly, it should be a solid pencil;
  • Apply a light colour of shadow under the brow. Use shades of champagne, light beige or white. Better to give preference for the flickering shadows, but for women, who prefer a matte eye makeup, you can make an exception;
  • Blend the basic color all over the eyelids. Choose the shades of peach, brown and olive green. Tone should be of medium intensity;
  • On the mobile eyelid, apply shadows, which a few shades darker, than the base layer. Better use of rich chocolate color;
  • Inner corner of the eyelids underline with white sparkling shadows;
  • Lower eyelid must be underlined with a bronze pencil. You can use the brown shade with golden accents;
  • Upper eyelid must be decorated by beautiful arrow, using the technique of makeup “Cat’s eyes.” Note, that you can use eyeliner and pencil. The line is drawn by eyeliner will be more expressive, clear and intense, while the pencil will give the softness and mysteriousness to your look. It is preferable the shades of wet asphalt, avoid the carbon black colour. Pick up a soft pencil;
  • Connect the main line to the inner corner of the eye using a brown pencil. Better to paint it on inner side of the eye or very close to the top growth of eyelash;
  • Underline the lower eyelid with the line, running parallel to the inner corner of the eye;
  • Finish your makeup with the application of mascara for volume. You can use false eyelashes, placing them closer to the outer corner of the eye.

Makeup Tips for Green Eyes Based on Hair Color

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How to Do Makeup for Green Eyes

If you are the owner of green eyes, light skin and dark hair color, the following rules will be useful for you, when applying light makeup for brunettes:

Shadows. Preferable the chocolate, olive and golden shades. If you prefer the green shade, pick the smoky and marsh tones, as the bright green color will reduce the natural expression of your eyes. Cold type of appearance can be emphasized by lilac, purple and reddish-peach colours. If your skin is close to dark tone, we recommend using only warm colors in the choice of shadows;

Blush. Do not use the brown and bronze blush – it can give a kind of painfulness for a person.

Lips. Use the natural colors in everyday makeup. This can be a fresh peach, caramel, golden-pink color. For evening makeup, you can use a more intense lipstick colors.

Star examples: Demi Moore, Rihanna.

Green-eyed blondes should adhere to the following rules:

Eyebrows. Do not overdo with underline the eyebrows. The dark eyebrows make your makeup vulgar and sloppy;

Shadows. Use gray-green, olive, gold, sand and beige color. Perfect cognac shade.
Beautiful combination will be with dark brown eyeliner on the shadows of plum colour;

Blush. Use transparent peach and beige shades. If the skin is tanned or dark by nature, you can use muted shades of bronze;

Lips. In everyday life, it is recommended to apply a pale pink lipstick or transparent gloss with light natural tone. Evening or holiday makeup allows the use of saturated red lipstick.

Star examples: Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron.

Makeup for brown-haired with green eyes must be made according to the following rules:

Shadows. Fit almost any colors and shades. Stop choice for wine, cherry, brown, emerald, ruby ​​and amber colors;

Blush. Only natural shades of brown and beige. Avoid pink blush;

Lips. Perfect colors are lilac, violet shade, soft pink and beige tones. In general, the owners of this type of appearance you can experiment with colors Tinto for lipstick and gloss.

Star examples: Angelina Jolie, Tyra Banks.