Youth Infusion with Vitamins

This simple and surprisingly effective recipe consists of three long-known and proven for centuries herbs: hawthorn, red clover, calendula. It will give your health for a long time.

The ingredients to make the youth infusion with vitamins:

  1. Hawthorn – fruit or flowers (you can take both equally).
  2. Red Clover – inflorescence (red bumps in the flowering period).
  3. Calendula – flowers in the flowering period.

All three infusions are prepared in one recipe:
2 tablespoons minced plants pour 1 cup (200 grams) of vodka and leave for 2 weeks.

Thereafter, tinctures filtered and merge in equal amounts in a single container. Store the tincture in a dark container and dark place.

Take 1-2 tablespoons daily for a month, a month break.