Woman Vamp: Extreme Make-up Looks


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  • Woman Vamp: Extreme Make-up Looks

Mysterious Vamp

Who is this woman vamp and how to approach her? First of all, she features easy bitchiness, wit, overt sexuality, art flirt confidence and extreme makeup looks in vamp-style. Femme fatale is famous by mad charisma, mystery and a long train of broken men’s hearts.

Why do men fly to her like moths to a flame? Her secret is not only in appearance but also in the life vision. Every action of woman vamp attracts attention. She may be inaccessible and alluring, strong and mysterious, and passionate rock. Contradictions coexist harmoniously in her and create a mysterious aura around.

Image of the Femme Fatale

At the mention of this image of women-mysteries emerges before your eyes tight black dress, slender fingers in long gloves, a glass of red wine, bright scarlet lipstick and raven hair. Does each woman try this style whether it fit her?

  • The image of vamp made ​​up of many components. Need to feel in yourselves the energy and power to transform into a new look. Without internal energy you will not become a femme fatale.

External image combines inaccessibility and energy. This will be the starting point for creating a new image. Remove from your behavior concerns and fussiness. Manners and behavior should be slightly negligent. Woman Vamp is confident in her irresistible and it is impossible to confuse her. Speak a little, every word must have its meaning. Let the motion be measured and smooth, confident gait, but not too fast.

  • On the whole image of the fatal female may resemble a panther, which is ready to pounce at any moment. The same grace, composure, calmness, readiness. To create an image approach seriously to this problem. The key-point is make-up.
extreme makeup looks

Woman Vamp: Extreme Make-up Looks

Woman Vamp: Extreme Make-up Looks

The principal features make the femme fatale:

  • aristocratic pallor;
  • bright eye make-up using the arrows;
  • lips natural color or red lipstick.

Smoothing Facial

To create an image, it is important to achieve healthy skin matte effect, but not sickly pallor. For this purpose, suitable quality matting powder for one or two shades lighter than usual. Do not forget to apply powder and decollete area to avoid an abrupt transition and the effect of the mask on the face.

Owners of light skin and can use concealer, shade should be slightly lighter than natural skin tone. This cream will give the effect of a soft pallor. Owners of dark skin are not advised to use too light shades of tonal resources. You can choose to use a blush on the cheekbones to highlight the brightness of the image.

Choosing Accent – Eyes or Lips

For make-up the femme fatale preferable chooses one accent. Simultaneous selection and eyes and lips will cause only a feeling of excessive brightness.

extreme makeup looks

Woman Vamp: Extreme Make-up Looks

With emphasis on the eyes, use a black pencil or eyeliner. Circle the eyes clear outline, keep it up for the outer corner of the eye. This visually lift the corners of the eyes and will look advantageous.

  • Cat’s-eye shape will be perfect for this image. A look will be spectacular and languid. Choose warm shade and matte colors. Highlighting the bright eyes, the lips will be enough to use pink or gold glitter to give lips volume. Pick a color to your face, coral shade will also be discussed.

If the emphasis is on the lips, it will be enough the perfect skin, mascara on the eyelashes and lipstick burgundy or dark red. On top of a lipstick, you can add a drop of gloss for lips to make them bulkier.

  • When creating an image of the femme fatale listen to your intuition. Select those traits that you are proud of. This will give confidence. Do not be afraid to experiment and stay always beautiful!