Why is Heartburn and How to Get Rid of It

Familiar are you the unpleasant feeling of a burning sensation in the throat after a hearty snack? Well, you’re not alone. At least once each person faces in life with symptoms of heartburn, but much of the world’s population (according to various estimates, from 20 to 40%) suffer from it constantly. No wonder that for many the question of what makes for heartburn is of particular relevance.

But, in order to successfully deal with the problem, you need to know what is the basis of her appearance. So it’s time to find out what is heartburn, and what are its causes.

Symptoms and Causes of Heartburn

Although in itself is not a disease heartburn, treat it lightly still not worth it – according to doctors, even occasional heartburn occurs at times increases the risk of stomach cancer. Most often, the symptoms appear in the background of the gastro-intestinal diseases, cholelithiasis, chronic cholecystitis. burning effect while causing acid is thrown up into the esophagus from the stomach, separating them if the valve closes tightly. If you have problems with the liver and biliary ways into the esophagus can get not only the acid but also bile.

But even completely healthy people sometimes suffer from heartburn, badly poisoning exist. Provoke its appearance may exercise, overeating, medication and even coughing. Too sweet tea, fresh pastries, carbonated and alcoholic beverages, oily or Refried food also often cause heartburn, so in such cases, remove enough reason to get rid of its consequences.

To Treat Heartburn at Home

If heartburn is permanent, do not pull on a visit to the doctor – may matter in some disease, and from self much good will not. Another thing, if the “fire” in the esophagus is episodic in nature – to cope with heartburn will be much easier. You can use this widely publicized pharmacy drugs ( “Renny”, “Gastal”, “Almagel” et al.), Or adopt the folk remedies for heartburn in the great variety of pre-weighed the pros and cons.

The fact that many of them only quenched discomfort, not acting on the root cause, and sometimes openly harming. For example, that you can get rid of heartburn soda, diluted in water, they know, probably all. But that regular intake of sodium can lead to disruption of the acid-base balance and damage the gastric mucosa, many are not even aware. And so, guided by the desire to quickly get rid of heartburn (and most importantly – a long time), set aside the soda to the far shelf and move on.

As an ambulance with heartburn can act drunk in small sips of warm milk.

Get Rid of Heartburn with Milk

Get Rid of Heartburn with Milk

Not bad helps with heartburn chamomile broth (or flax seeds), fresh potato juice. You can also make a medicinal tea from herbs collection (required knotweed, flax, Icelandic moss, mother-and-stepmother, orchids, peppermint, St. John’s wort and yarrow). Taking them in equal numbers, and thoroughly mix 3 tablespoons of dry mixture pour boiling water (1 liter). Dove brew, drink half a cup throughout the day.

Coping with heartburn at home as possible, eating a few shelled walnuts or sunflower seeds usual.

Another “tasty” way to get rid of the burning sensation – almonds. Pour almonds with boiling water, peel them from the skin and eat, chewing thoroughly. Just a few minutes and you will forget about the discomfort. As an option – crushed almonds or walnuts in a mortar and eaten during the “fire” a spoonful of nut puree.

Try to grind to a powder with a few shell of boiled eggs and take it three times a day for half a teaspoon. You can stir the powder in a small amount of water.

Some sources recommend for removing the symptoms of heartburn to drink a teaspoon of vegetable oil (any).

Sometimes it is enough to eat a fresh apple or carrot to the unpleasant sensation was gone.

To combat heartburn useful to start each morning with a dish of buckwheat porridge.

Preventive Measures

Even if you can remove the heartburn in a matter of minutes, we should not forget about its prevention. In order to prevent the occurrence of unwanted guests, sometimes enough to follow a few simple rules:

  • do not overeat, better to eat often, but little by little;
  • exclude from your diet foods that trigger heartburn;
  • do not go to bed on a full stomach;
  • do not bend and do not take for heavy physical work immediately after a meal;
  • get rid of tight clothing.

It is not superfluous to also lose weight (if excess) and give up bad habits (especially smoking). Start to love yourself, and life will be easier and more comfortable, and health – stronger.