White Spots on the Face: find out the cause and treat


  • White Spots on the Face: Causes
  • Methods of Treatment of White Spots on Face
  • How to Remove White Spots from Face?

The disgusting ripe ulcers, that form white spots on the face, detracts from the appearance, deliver a feeling of discomfort and are very painful. It is impossible not to pay attention to them, because it’s your own body submits you a signal, that somewhere there was a failure, and one of the systems and organs is not working properly. Having checked and corrected the cause of the white spots on face, you can treat and get rid of them.

White Spots on the Face: Causes

white spot on face

White Spots on the Face: find out the cause and treat

The questions as, why there were white spots on the face or how to get rid of them, are interrelated. Finding out the reply to the first, you get the answer to the second. Organisms are different, so the problems are highly individual, that’s why the causes of white spots on the face are also different. Most often, these include:

unhealthy diet, when a person eats the fatty, fried, sweet foods, but the fruits and vegetables are malnourished: it leads to metabolic disorders and malfunction of the glands;

  • when there is insufficient skin care, the pores are polluted and”cork” with sebaceous and mud is formed, under which the active bacteria multiply, their fermentation leads to the formation of an abscess;
  • hormonal disturbances;
  • the use of low-quality cosmetics;
  • malfunction of the stomach or thyroid gland;
  • climate change.

If you are unable to determine the cause of the inflammation on your skin of this kind, it is necessary to pass inspection and find them for sure. Only the treatment of white spots on the face can bring to long-awaited results and complete elimination them from your skin.

Methods of Treatment of White Spots on Face

There are modern medical means from the white spots on face, which regularly appear, and the folk remedies , that are passed from mouth to mouth. It is strongly recommended not to treat ulcers on their own and especially not to squeeze in unsanitary conditions. For a start, consult a doctor, and only after you can enhance the effect of professional medical treatment using folk remedies.


The doctor will tell you after the test, how to cure white spots on face quickly and painlessly. He may give you the following treatment:

  • antibacterial benzoyl peroxide, which has a drying property;
  • in a beauty salon the cosmetologist can offer you hardware cleaning of the face, which involves thorough and reliable purification of polluted pores; it may be a chemical, ultrasonic or vacuum peeling (this method is recommended if you are plagued by the subcutaneous white spots on the face, which require special treatment);
  • diet, which implies rejection of fatty and sugary foods in the diet and increasing fruits and vegetables;
  • steam bath with herbs in a beauty salon, which are followed by manual squeezing pimples.

If you have subcutaneous white spots on the face, prepare, that treatment will be longer, but it is necessary.

Folk Remedies

From the folk remedies against white spots on face may have the effect of auxiliary medical treatment are as follows:

  • daily care and cleansing of the skin with special means;
  • anti-mask from the white spots on face based on natural ingredients;
  • compresses of herbs;
  • lotions;
  • washing herbal infusions.

Folk remedies – it’s certainly good, but it is not the main means, if the white pimple jumped on your face: they only reduce inflammation, but do not cure.

How to Remove White Spots from Face?

white spots on the face

White Spots on the Face: find out the cause and treat

Here are a few recipes of the most effective home remedies to know, how to remove white spots from face. Under the influence of this mask the white spot on face can be dried out quickly, and it does not appear as often.

  • Potato Mask

Boiled potato, mash with a fork, mix with cream (2 tablespoons), egg yolk, natural honey (a teaspoon). With regular use of the potato mask even subcutaneous white spots are cured, which derive not so easy.

  • Compress with Calendula

The tincture of calendula from pharmacy (a tablespoon), diluted with water (100 ml) to give a solution to moisten the gauze and put on a white spot on face (or subcutaneous white spot).

  • Cucumber and Curd Mask

Cucumber juice (2 tablespoons), mixed with the same amount of cheese.

  • Aspirin Mask

This mask has to be pre-checked for an allergic reaction! Soak aspirin (10 tablets) in water, after swelling to knead, add honey into mush (tablespoon) and a cream-based antibiotics (tablespoon). Hold during 10 minutes.

  • Soybean Mask

Chopped sprouted soybeans (3 tablespoons) mixed with turmeric (tablespoon) and honey (a teaspoon).

The painful white spots on the face, which cause a lot of discomfort – the bane of many modern people, whose daily routine is disturbed, and the food is poor. So, your first step towards getting rid of these nasty inflammation should be a healthy lifestyle.