What we Use for Hair Straightening


  • Thermal Hair Straightening
  • Chemical Hair Straightening
  • Permanent Hair Straightening
  • Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment
  • Hair Lamination
  • Natural oils for Home Hair Straightening Treatments

Many women who are sensitive to their appearance, along with a beautiful make-up and nail polish, try to make their hair perfectly smooth and shiny. The standard is considered to be a smooth silky hair, flowing in the glow of sunlight. To achieve smoothness when originally you have curly hair is difficult. To obtain the desired result, a woman needs to allocate a few hours in the beauty salon treatments for hair straightening and styling, using electric hair dryers, stylers and brushes.

However, daily trips to such places is not available to every women. Today, the manipulation of hair straightening can be successfully carried out in the home, while spending very little time. To get perfectly straight smooth hair, we can use folk remedies and oils for hair straightening. These methods do not bear harm structural component of hair, but the effect will be pleasantly surprised. After a few treatments hair will become docile, soft and shiny locks.

permanent hair straightening

Today, there are many ways by which you can straighten unruly hair. These include the following types of alignment, as:

  1. thermal;
  2. chemical.

Professionally and qualitatively, these procedures are performed in beauty salons with branded products of leading companies:

  • L’Oreal;
  • Schwarzkopf;
  • Dove;
  • Matrix.

Let’s look at the main characteristics of these specific methods to obtain smooth hair.

Thermal Hair Straightening

By thermal means include alignment using hairdryers with round special combs and ironing-rectifiers. Thermally straightened hair retain all of their external quality until the next shampooing.

However, in tandem with hairdryers and electric irons scalp requires a special diet and gentle care with the help of:

  • balms;
  • rinses;
  • conditioners.

Such special care is needed to avoid the possibility of drying the hair, brittle and dry tips.

Chemical Hair Straightening

The chemical agents are permanent, laminated keratin and alignment.
Their effect can last up to a year, but this alignment can not go in favor of the structure of hair. Nevertheless, many women give this innovative methods of its positive reviews. We will try to briefly describe them.

Permanent Hair Straightening

This straightening refers to professional, designed for curly and unruly hair. The procedure involves straightening using a special cream, which included ceramides are:

  1. restructures damaged fibers.
  2. penetrates the cuticle;
  3. strengthen it from within.

Permanent hair straightening is called because the effect of this remains permanently straightening, leaving hair heavy, smooth and shiny as silk.

Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

This hair straightening is sometimes called also Brazilian. Today it is the most innovative method of alignment, with a simultaneous reduction of the structure damaged by chemical coloring and highlighting hair.

Unique keratin hair straightening treatment incorporates a liquid keratin, which is a natural building material of hair. This ingredient penetrates deep into the voids of the damaged hair shaft and tightly fills them. Further, according to the technology under high temperatures keratin envelops each hair strands giving absolute smoothness and amazing brilliance.

Unlike of permanent alignment smoothes keratin structure of hair by protecting the protein in the form of very thin layers. In this regard, the hair is not only leveled, but ably protected from static electricity of negative factors and the external environment.

Hair Lamination

This procedure is based on a special application to the hair means, which gives them the correct form. The effect of lamination is shown due to the unique composition of the formula, which smoothes the basic scales of hair over the entire length, strengthens them, protects against chemicals and adverse weather events.

Today professional hair lamination provides a stunningly beautiful, smooth, healthy, obedient hair, and at the same time to correct their color.

Natural Oils for Home Hair Straightening Treatments

If you are a supporter of natural products for hair, try using oil for hair straightening.

For straightening curly hair must be periodically used oils which are riched in B vitamins:

  • olives;
  • thistles;
  • castor;
  • sunflower;
  • shea;
  • coconut;
  • jojoba.

These effective natural remedies at once can not provide quick results, like in beauty salons. However, they help, in the opinion of many women with perfectly natural way to straighten hair without damage to health and wallet.

home hair straightening treatments

To obtain the desired result all the masks should be done with warmed oils in a water bath.

They are distributed over the entire length of hair, then carefully combed, sheltering your head with plastic cap and warm towel. On average, the mask holding for 1 hour and then washed mild shampoos. We offer several healing masks to straighten curly hair.

  • Oils’ Mask for Hair Straightening

This mask smoothes fine microscopic hair scales, making hair more heavy, smooth and shiny. Oils’ texture is made up of an equal number of base oils of olive, castor oil and burdock. Keep it on your head for 40 minutes. When flushing, many women experience some difficulties. To facilitate this procedure can be a liter of cold water with the juice of half a lemon.

  • Olive or Coconut Oils for Hair Straightening

The simplest mask, consisting of 3 tablespoons of warm olive or coconut oils, applied on the entire length of hair. If you hold such a mask all night and in the morning you wash with shampoo easily, over several treatments you can get a noticeable results of home hair straightening treatments.


Applying the mask with oils for hair straightening, you can get the perfect visual effect with alive, streaming of health and silky hair. As beautiful and shiny hairs are always the subject of women’s attractiveness.