What Shampoo Should I Use for Oily Hair


  • What Shampoo Should I Use for Oily Hair
  • What Should I Pay Attention
  • Handmade Shampoo Recipes

The reason for the excessive oily hair lies in the increased activity of the sebaceous glands of the skin of the head. This may be due to disruption of the endocrine system, genetics or an unbalanced diet. Women who have a similar problem, it is very difficult to keep their hair in a neat condition. So they literally have to deal with every day washing their heads. However, to successfully fight fat will help properly selected shampoo for oily hair. The main requirement for shampoo to have the necessary ingredients for the normalization of the function of the sebaceous glands.

Facials for oily hair, in the opinion of many cosmetologists, very tiring, but not hopeless. They argue that to get rid of oily hair can be easier than to treat weakened, brittle and dry hair. You should only choose the right shampoo, taking into account skin type and characteristics of the structure of hair.
what shampoo should i use

What Shampoo Should I Use to Wash Oily Hair

  • Gently wash the hair from fat.
  • Prevent dryness or irritation of the skin, which can cause the sebaceous glands enhanced.
  • Save water and salt balance of the skin of the head.

1. Today, cosmetics market offers a huge range of products, which provides enough high-quality hair care. Find your shampoo for oily hair is very problematic. This is due to the taste of women, the individual characteristics of the organism and its reaction to cosmetics. However, in this regard, there are some nuances, for which, of course, you should pay special attention.

Sign of a good shampoo gives the feeling of specific “squeak” of hair after shampooing, and after drying, they are gleaming natural healthy shine. Lack of fat on your hair during the day shows that you found your shampoo.

2. Organic cosmetics, unlike the ordinary means of hair care products contain natural components that have important:

  • bactericidal;
  • tonic;
  • anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition, it cleans the hair from excess fat, normalizes the sebaceous glands and creates an invisible protective plenochku special for each hair, preventing contamination.

3. The most natural and least efficient is a home shampoo for oily hair. Its basis is always constitute the natural, environmentally friendly ingredients that are beneficial to the hair, restores the sebaceous glands. Shampoo diy can be easily rotated with the purchase of organic cosmetics. The result did not take long waiting.

What Should I Pay Attention

When buying shampoo you need to read the label carefully. The composition of most of them, there are sulfates, namely, Sodium Laureth Sulfate. For the manufacturer, it is the optimal component removing fat from the hair.

In some cases it may be ammonium lauryl sulfate or laureth, that according to qualitative parameters even lower soda detergent. In the opinion of beauticians, with these components of the shampoo is better not to acquire. They remove the natural protective film and eventually make the hair dry and brittle.

Shampoos without sulfate components are much higher and very expensive.
Preference in the first place must be given to shampoos, which include:

  • complex of vitamins A, C, K;
  • natural minerals;
  • seaweed;
  • zinc minerals;
  • vegetable proteins.

Very welcome shampoos against fat, a part of which are extracts of herbs such as:

  • aloe and chamomile;
  • nettle;
  • oak bark;
  • mother and stepmother;
  • field horsetail and mint.

The hair shampoos for oily hair, which are recommended to be used, there should not have a large number of detergents. A good shampoo should provide:

  • compensation for loss of protein, moisture, nutrients and trace elements in the subcutaneous zone of the head;
  • no fat on the hair;
  • lack of skin irritation of the head;
  • giving the hair elasticity and silkiness;
  • no electrostatic effect with the hair;
  • creating UV protection due to special UV filters.

Handmade Shampoo Recipes

Women who like purely natural cosmetics or those who financially can not overpower the purchase of professional shampoos, the home shampoo are no less effective alternative. This handmade shampoo recipes that can be easily made at home.

handmade shampoo recipes

  • Home Shampoo with Egg

For this shampoo diy is necessary a strong decoction of hops, add the three beaten yolks of fresh chicken eggs and a tablespoon of brandy.

  • Home Shampoo with Clay

To make it you will need two tablespoons of white cosmetic clay and a glass of the finished decoction of horsetail. This structure must be used daily for oily hair wash.

  • Home Shampoo with Birch

For shampoo diy, it is necessary simply to use the infusion of birch buds or leaves. To prepare pour a tablespoon of buds or leaves with boiled water in a ratio of one to ten.

  • Home Shampoo with Mustard

This shampoo diy is very simple. To do this on a steam bath mix two liters of boiled water with a tablespoon of mustard powder. For good digestion treatment of the components necessary to carry out an intensive massage of skin and hair with shampoo.


In order to solve the problem of oily hair, you need to be sure to pick up a very high-quality shampoos and care products.

Today the cosmetic industry offers a variety of innovative means of this series. Among them special patented bases, gel texture, pearl microparticles highly purified protein pellets.

However, for each type of hair you need to find a certain option. It is necessary to give preference to shampoos that will be very careful to take care of skin of the head. In the opinion of cosmeticians the handmade shampoo recipes work excellent.

We need to try not to use the ordinary shampoos for oily hair. Very good, if organic components are present in the shampoo composition. From this hair will always be a winner, to have a healthy kind and wonderful natural gleam.