What Medications Help in Treatment Against Hair Loss?


  • Pills for Treatment Against Hair Loss.
  • External Means in Treatments for Hair Loss in Women.
  • Secure Means Means for Treatment Against Hair Loss.
  • Natural Treatment for Hair Loss in Women.

Modern trichology has available a lot of ways to restore hair health. Depending on the reasons, that cause baldness (alopecia), treatment methods are different:

  • tablets;
  • strict diet;
  • physiotherapy;
  • exterior medicines;
  • massage;
  • surgery.

Most commonly trichologists prescribed the vitamins and dietary supplements as a primary or adjuvant treatment against hair loss. As well as external agents: ointments, shampoos, masks, rubbing, etc. Prior to the appointment the doctor examines the patient carefully, conducts research, makes the diagnosis. Large range of medicinal products, and only a doctor determines the degree of neglect diseas and assigns drugs, that help in this case. Self fraught with consequences.

Say for sure, what kind of medicine for hair loss, will be the best is not possible. Alopecia is difficult to treat and often comes back again after a certain period of time. In order to identify the reasons, require a comprehensive examination of the body, environmental factors, the adjustment of nutrition, lifestyle. In most cases, well helps a comprehensive approach combining different techniques. This helps to stop hair loss, correct the hair nutrition and improve the condition of hair.

Pills for Treatment Against Hair Loss

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What medications help in treatment against hair loss?

The magic pills against alopecia are not existed. Most often it is a complex vitamin supplements, containing vitamins and minerals in certain proportions, which are an important component for the proper operation of the human body. With the constant lack of substance in the human body there are failures, which can develop into a serious chronic illness.

Trichologists prescribe the mineral preparations in the form of pills and comprehensive vitamins that help hair. They must be taken within 2-3 months. Long-term treatment is another feature to get rid of hair loss. The oral formulations comprise:

  • vitamin C, B, E, A, and others;
  • mineral ingredients as sulfur, zinc, silicon, calcium, iron, potassium and the like;
  • amino acids;
  • fatty acid.

Distinguish synthetic (artificially produced) and organic (based on plant extracts) medications. The most effective drugs against hair loss, caused by the lack of nutrition, are:

  • Nutrikap;
  • Ducray;
  • Foltene Pharma;
  • Rinfoltil;
  • Vitrum Beauty
  • Revalid;
  • Pantovigar.

Use of vitamins can also cause relapses and hypervitaminosis, so it is advisable to consult a doctor. Before use read the instructions, reviews, contraindications, assess risks.

External Means in Treatments for Hair Loss in Women

The external means have the local impact on hair, do not bring harm to the body, so come with more stronger components. Sometimes, contain the plant hormones and active complexes, which quickly lead your hair in order. But as a rule, without change of lifestyle, nutrition, the presence of chronic diseases, bad heredity, hair loss back again as soon as the external influence ceases.

The external means for the treatment against hair loss are undesirable to use without a prescription. Most often, an active ingredient of hair shampoos and ointments is minoxidil for hair, which has a number of limitations for use. The principle of operation is based on minoxidil skin vasodilatation, nutrition follicles oxygen, nutrients. The medicine will not help if the cause of hair loss were:

  • external application of drugs for hair, lack of vitamins, minerals;
  • poor nutrition;
  • ecology;
  • global metabolic disorder.

Positive sides of minoxidil are the possibility of prolonged use and efficiency. Note that the effect is different, it is likely, that minoxidil does not help at all. Minuses of the drug against hair loss are its cost and the need for constant use. After remove the drug a recurrence most often comes. Despite all the cons, drug on the basis of minoxidil is very popular, it is characterized by numerous positive reviews on the Internet.

Popular brands in treatments for hair loss in women with minoxidil are:

  • Rogaine (USA);
  • Regeyn (Belgium);
  • Ducray (France).

Secure Means for Treatment Against Hair Loss

Particular category is the folk remedies for hair loss. Among them there are potent growth factors, that do not cause global changes, that are safe and conducive to the rapid growth, restore curls. These are natural products that are created by nature. Application popular recipes has many advantages, the main ones are:

  • low cost;
  • lasting effect;
  • the ability to use all the time;
  • accessibility;
  • security.

Despite the vegetable and animal origin, between such drugs there are some, that yield the effect of synthetic medications. Natural medications can be divided into groups:

  • vegetable oils and animal fats;
  • essential oils;
  • food;
  • concentrate plants.

Natural Treatment for Hair Loss in Women

treatments for hair loss in women

What medications help in treatment against hair loss?

  • eggs; 
  • brewer’s yeast; 
  • bee products; 
  • red pepper; 
  • curdled; 
  • essential oils; 
  • vegetable oils: macadamia oil, jojoba, coconut, burdock, wheat, corn germ, and others; 
  • decoctions of herbs: burdock, nettle, onion, chamomile, yarrow, parsley, juniper, oak bark, willow and others.

For the recovery of the scalp, getting rid of dandruff, irritation, dryness the oils and decoctions are used. To supply nutrition for follicles for hair growth the different masks and rubbing from natural products are made. Effect enhances regular massage of the head.

Whatever the treatment of hair loss, it is desirable that the doctor took part in it. The correct approach to their own health will not only help preserve the remnants of hair, but also turn it into a natural decoration of women for many years.