What is Waxing Depilation: Pros and cons of home procedure


  • Pros and Cons of Waxing Depilation.
  • Types of Wax.
  • Procedure of Waxing Depilation.
  • What is a Contraindication for Waxing?
  • Bikini Depilation.

Problems with hair on the body become relevant in the spring and summer, when a woman begins to wear more revealing clothing, showing skin on the hands and feet. Get rid of excess hair on the skin can be a variety of ways. Many go to beauty salons to make epilation there, and who does not have time or enough money, can do epilation at home. One of the most popular methods of hair removal at home is waxing depilation.

Pros and Cons of Waxing Depilation

When you have certain skills, waxing depilation is fairly easy to perform at home. Effect after waxing is stored up to 4 weeks, and it is the longest period for procedures performed at home.

  • Method although requires a certain cost, but they are not comparable with a result, that will make you happy. Hairs will eventually become much thinner and their number is markedly reduced.

Waxing depilation can be applied to any type of skin and hair condition.

  • After waxing hair the skin is very smooth, since there is not only hair removal, but the wax works like a scrub, and removes the top layer of the epidermis.

If hair removal procedure is performed properly in compliance with all instructions and precautions, not desirable complications: such as burns, redness, itching, irritation are rather rare.

Despite the greater number of pros of waxing hair, there are some disadvantages of this method, namely:

  1. Waxing depilation is quite painful and not a pleasant procedure, especially on the first application. Over time, these feelings are somewhat blunted, there is a kind of “addiction” to pain.
  2. Very often the removed hair stays red in the form of dots, that disappear after a few days. Also not uncommon the skin irritation and the appearance of spider veins after waxing hair.
  3. Only the long hair (0.5 centimeters) can only be relatively removed by wax. So, if the hair is not sufficiently long, you have to wear the pants.
  4. Sometimes there is ingrown hairs into the skin.
waxing hair

What is Waxing Depilation: Pros and cons of home procedure

Types of Wax

Cosmetic industry produces many varieties of wax, which differ in price, quality and composition ingredients. But they can be conditionally divided into three major types.

Hot wax

This type of wax is more often used in beauty salons. To melt the wax, it requires special equipment, since the melting point is enough high. Like all waxes hot wax is applied in the form of heat on the skin. Suitable for hair removal particularly in sensitive areas – armpits, face and bikini depilation. Only specialis can work with this type of wax. Two other types of wax are perfect for use at home.

Warm wax

Produced in the most diverse packages. The easiest to use – with a special cartridge roller, which allows to apply the wax evenly, with fairly thin and neat layer. Before using a cartridge with wax is needed to be warmed in water bath, and it is better to buy a special electric device to warm the wax. Using this device allows you to produce epilation even women without much experience, and avoid skin burns, as most means for waxing depilation is heated to a certain temperature without overheating it. If there are certain skills in waxing depilation, you can use the wax from the cans (available from 100 to 800 grams). Preheated wax and applied to the skin with a thin layer with a spatula. Then stacked on top of special strip of fabric or paper.

Cold wax

Available in a strip, which is already applied with the wax. Before using the wax can be warmed between your palms and can be applied. Any woman can handle with this method of waxing hair.

Procedure of Waxing Depilation

To make waxing depilation at home without the hassle, we offer several recommendations for its implementation.

If you use waxing depilation for the first time, be sure to perform a skin allergy tests. For this purpose, apply a drop of wax on the inner surface of the forearm, and watch the skin for 30-45 minutes. If there is no redness or itching, you can start the procedure.

  • Before waxing hair, the skin should be dry and free of grease. For this purpose it is possible to use ready lotions or gels, which are prepared for epilation. You can also treat the area of ​​skin with powder without fragrances.

Then apply a thin layer of wax in the direction of hair growth.

  • Put on wax the special cloth or paper strips. Wait some time , when the wax glues a little bit with material, and then tear the strip very quick against the hair growth.

The remaining wax should be removed with a damp cosmetic wipes.

  • Then the area affected by waxing depilation must be treated with an antiseptic.

To soothe the inflamed skin, you have to use a lotion after the hair removal or olive oil.

  • On the day of the procedure is not advisable to wash with a washcloth, sunbathe, visit a bath or sauna.

If not all hairs are removed from the skin, they must be removed by other methods, e.g., using a forceps or a razor. Re-use waxing hair on the same area of ​​skin can not made.

  • The next day, after epilation, make the hairs have not grown into the skin, it is necessary to apply a special gel to slow growth and ingrown hairs.
waxing depilation

What is Waxing Depilation: Pros and cons of home procedure

What is a Contraindication for Waxing?

Although the waxing depilation is one of the simplest and most effective procedures, that can be performed at home, for some women it is contraindicated. Consider the case, where waxing is contraindicated:

  1. Diabetes, especially insulin, is an absolute contraindication to waxing hair. In this disease, the healing process is very long, so even a small skin damage threatens the development of secondary infection.
  2. Should refrain from the procedure if there is any damage (scratches, abrasions, cuts) on the skin, as long as the skin is not restored.
  3. The presence of multiple benign tumors on the skin (papillomas, warts, moles). Waxing depilation should not be made.
  4. If you have an advanced varicose veins with the presence of nodes and protrusion of veins in the form of bent wire harnesses, waxing depilation is not your method.
  5. And, of course, waxing depilation is not done in the presence of an allergic reaction, or you are hypersensitive to the wax, or other ingredients means for hair removal.

Bikini Depilation

By and large bikini depilation is best done in a beauty salon, since the hot wax is more suitable for this procedure, and it will carry out by specialist. To make the bikini depilation by yourself is quite uncomfortable and very painful.

The skin in the bikini area is very thin and easily injured, if something is not done correctly, even with slightest manipulation. But if you do decide to make the bikini depilation by yourself, then apply the wax with a thin layer on a small area of ​​skin and pull off with quick movements. Before the procedure, for 20-25 minutes, you can take a pill for painkiller.

When bikini depilation is properly done, the skin stays smooth for up to 4 weeks. This long hair removal results will cover all of your torment. If after reading the article, you did not dare to waxing depilation, there are other methods for the hair removal at home, such as: shugaring, shaving, hair removal hardware, creme appliance. Perhaps, some of the above methods will suit you more.