What is Sugaring Hair Removal? Easy way of sugaring epilation


  • What is Sugaring Hair Removal?
  • How to Prepare the Body Sugaring Paste.
  • Sugaring Epilation at Home.
  • Video: How to Make Sugaring Epilation?

There are several million hair on a woman’s body. Their number, color and growth rate depends on the nationality (the body of residents of south regions has much more smaller of the hair, than the residents of northern regions), hereditary predisposition, hormonal levels women (more male sex hormones, the more abundant of hair on women’s bodies). Of course, the women at all times tried to make their skin smooth and without hair.

  • There are several dozen methods of hair removal. At home, the most common methods are waxing, chemical cream, shaving, electrolysis, sugaring epilation. Sugaring epilation method is used by modern European women. Although East beauties, applied it from the time of the Persian Empire.

What is Sugaring Hair Removal?

Sugaring epilation is similar to the hair removal with wax. This removes the hair shaft from the skin surface without damaging the bulbs. After sugaring epilation the hair is restored in two to three weeks.

what is sugaring hair removal

What is Sugaring Hair Removal? Easy way of sugaring epilation

The Advantage of Sugaring Epilation

Women who used hair removal recipe, argue that this method, in comparison with waxing has a number of advantages, namely:

The method is cost effective, as the ingredients used in body sugaring paste – sugar, water, lemon juice – are cheap and available.
The composition of body sugaring paste is hypoallergenic, since it contains only natural ingredients, with no addition of any chemical components (preservatives, stabilizers, dyes and so on).

  • Sugaring epilation in comparison with waxing is less traumatic. Body sugaring paste, in view of its relatively low viscosity, removes only a very short, about two millimeters hairs, and is not able to glue the upper layer of the epidermis, i.e. does not damage it.

The risk of secondary infections is practically zero. Lemon juice is a powerful antiseptic, that prevents the development of inflammation.

  • The sugaring epilation can be used for hair removal anywhere on the skin, whether it’s removing the hands and feet, as well as more delicate areas – armpits, bikini area, face.

When it is not worth doing sugaring epilation?

  • We would like to note, that lemon juice in the composition of body sugaring paste for hair removal, is the only component, that poses a risk in terms of developing an allergic reaction. Therefore, if you have sensitive or prone skin to irritation, or are allergic to citrus, sugaring epilation is not your method.
  • It is recommended to postpone the sugaring epilation, if you get burnt in the sun or just came back from the solarium.
  • Not recommended to perform the procedure of sugaring epilation and before applying sunbathing.
  • And, of course, if there is damage or irritation on the skin, then sugaring epilation needs to be postponed.

How to Prepare the Body Sugaring Paste

hair removal recipe

What is Sugaring Hair Removal? Easy way of sugaring epilation

To prepare the body sugaring paste you will need: 10 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of water, ½ lemon. The key to success in the preparation of this hair removal recipe is the exact observance of recipe of paste and attentiveness.

  • Squeeze of lemon juice, and strain it through cheesecloth. The juice must be clean, without seedless and pulp. Put the sugar, water and lemon juice in a pan with non-stick coating, and cook the syrup on medium heat, stirring continuously. Changing the temperature of heating is unacceptable.

First, the sugar will dissolve and form a transparent solution, then the bubbles appear on the surface, after this it will begin to darken. Gradually the mixture becomes of brownish color and smells with caramel. This is a sign, that the body sugaring paste is ready.

  • The willingness can be checked as follows: take a drop of paste from a spoon and hold it between your fingers. If it rolls into a ball, and does not spread – the body sugaring paste is ready for use. If the mixture is liquid, it contains a lot of water, and it is not fit for use.

Sugaring Epilation at Home

Once the pasta is ready for sugaring epilation, you can proceed to remove the hair. If you are making the sugaring hair removal for the first time, it is necessary to conduct allergo test. To do this, apply a drop of paste on the inner surface of the forearm, and wait for 45 minutes. If during this time there was not an itch, or signs of inflammation, you can safely use of the composition.

  • Body sugaring paste is applied directly to the skin or strip of cloth, by hands or a wooden spoon evenly into 1-2 millimeter. Then you need to wait a few minutes until the paste “grabs”. Take one end and tear out the strip hardened paste bottom-up, i.e. against the hair growth.

Of course, the procedure is quite painful, but compared to waxing, the pain is quite tolerable. To reduce pain, wipe the skin before epilation with the ice cubes. After graduating sugaring epilation, rinse off any sugar paste with warm water and, if desired, apply a layer of moisturizer or nourishing.

  • The first application of the method with body sugaring paste, can go wrong, for example, it will not work for the composition of hair removal recipe. Of course, use of this method requires some skill and patience, but the result will exceed all your expectations.

The areas of skin, treated with the help of sugaring epilation, look greatly. There is no redness or spider veins on the skin, there is no inflammation or signs of secondary infection.

Video: How to Make Sugaring Epilation?