What is Shaping: Fitness Programme to Lose Weight

For many women the slim figure is an accomplishment. It is strange because, today is known so many ways to lose weight, that we need only to set a goal and choose the most appropriate technique for yourself.

  • However, sticking to one method, it is difficult to achieve the desired result in a short time. Typically, only a set of measures can help to cope with the existing problem most effectively.

These systems include shaping as an effective fitness programme to lose weight. Many people think, that shaping – it’s just exercise, targeting specific muscle groups and the key-problem areas. However, it is not.

  • Shaping is to perform exercises of high efficiency in aerobic mode and represents the same set of procedures necessary to reduce excess weight and adjusting the figures. 

What does this Fitness Programme to Lose Weight Include?

1. Individual Approach

personal fitness gym - Individual approach

is for everyone who takes shaping. It primarily consists of a preliminary study of the body. With the help of a specific program the specialist determines the percentage ratio between fat and muscle mass. Thus, the individual program activities is formed, which are aimed at reducing body weight and muscle training. The individual characteristics determine the right exercises for body that the person will use.

  • Shaping workouts are not only for weight loss and reduce the volume. In this system, there is the so-called anabolic mode – to build “missing” roundness of the buttocks, for example. Or beautiful relief biceps and shoulders? Remember, if you like the body of professional athletes and you train to be like them, your way is to shaping-studio. The whole point is that the goal of shaping workout – “fit” you under a certain average image of a beautiful woman or a so-called shaping model. If you just want to become leaner and more feminine – this workout is for you.

The process itself takes place… under the video program. You knead and consistently perform the exercises – quick kick their feet in different directions, squatting, bending exercises with light weighting. In shaping studio the instructor only “walks through the ranks” and corrects the movement of the people, but he does not train himself. Benefits of shaping exercises is that they are simple and any person with any physical training can make them. They do not overdo you – all you need to train twice a week. If we talk about losing weight with the shaping, the decisive role a special power supply system is played.

2. Preparation of Special Diets

personal fitness gym diet

to be followed. For example, in the day of workout in shaping is not recommended to consume protein products. Protein helps to build muscle mass. But in no way they not to be excluded from your diet, just in a day of classes you should limit their amount. For the duration of the process the specialist should make the menu for every day.

  • Food consists mainly of vegetables, fruits and cereals. Cheese, meat and dairy products are limited to one portion per day. Not possible to eat the animal protein in the day of workout. 4 hours before exercise and 4 hours after should be deleted and cereals containing gluten – beans, buckwheat, millet, rice and other groceries. In fact, you can eat only fruits and vegetables stewed.

But such strict restrictions in diet are only a day of workout. There is a list strictly forbidden foods – white bread, milk chocolates, cakes, cookies, pastries, waffles. What you can eat from sweet? Extremely couple of squares of dark chocolate or one teaspoon of honey per day. Individual shaping-diet looks like a list of products with marginal amount in grams. Each month the client of shaping-club passes weighing and measuring in order to update the diet. Therein lies the key to success – the diet is always made so that the body can burn fat.

3. Massages

personal fitness gym - Massages

There are various types of massage: training, recovery, anti-cellulite.

  • Training Massage in addition to basic classes will further increase the body’s energy expenditure.
  • Restorative massage helps the body recover much faster to the next lesson.
  • Well, anti-cellulite massage restores the elasticity to the skin, because during a sharp decrease in weight your skin can look unsightly.

Shaping is an Effective Fitness Programme to Lose Weight

You can practice the shaping both independently and with the instructor. Today there are so many tutorials on shaping, and can be purchased on disk or watch online.

  • However, independent shaping can not be considered full-fledged. Will be much more effective workouts with an instructor who will not only monitor compliance with all the requirements , but also to adjust the program depending on the changes taking place.

personal fitness gym

After all, to “simulate” the effect of shaping at home, you need first of all to calculate balanced protein, fat and carbohydrate meals, and only then started with a video exercises.

  • In addition, the diet for shaping bad for those who carry out this exercise in addition to strength training and an active lifestyle. As it contains little of protein.

However shaping fully copes with its task! As a simple inexpensive and effective time-saving system, it has helped for millions of women to make a good form.