What is a Laser Facial Peel? Laser Resurfacing Results


  • What is a Laser Facial Peel? 
  • Indications for Facial Laser Peel
  • Contraindications for Facial Laser Peel
  • Laser Resurfacing Results

The laser peel in cosmetology is one of the latest developments in this field, which has found the widest application. Safe, very effective, fast facial laser peel collects only positive reviews.

It allows you to solve the serious skin problems, while minimally damaging the skin. Beauticians prefer this method of peeling, as it is easy to control and makes the procedure fully controlled. Women are in awe of the facial laser peel due to amazing results, that they later estimate looking in the mirror.

What is a Laser Facial Peel?

laser resurfacing results

What is a Laser Facial Peel? Laser Resurfacing Results

To ensure the safety and high efficiency of this procedure, it is better to know its process. Typically, the laser peel involves several steps.

The Preparatory Phase

A special moisturizer is smeared on the face, that prepares the skin for a uniform perception of the laser beam.

Effects of Laser Beam on the Skin

With the help of a small device the beautician directs the laser on problem areas. Beam length and time of its effects are strictly controlled by special counters beautician. Depending on the type and severity of the removed defect, the length of the laser can be shorter or longer, exposure time can be instant or a split second longer.

  • The depth of the laser beam exposure can be also different: there are a superficial peeling (for the treatment of the upper layers of the skin), the middle and deep laser peel. If the first two types are done under the local anesthesia, the deep facial laser peel is done under general anesthesia in a hospital.

How does the laser beam act on the skin cells? In place of its effect on the skin it burns the old and already dead cells. It burns a thin layer of skin along with all defects, which appear there. In addition, it is irritating to the surrounding living cells, causing them to revive and regenerate rapidly. All this contributes to the activation of production of collagen fibers, which are responsible for anti-aging effect.

  • Another important property of the beam, whereby the laser resurfacing results are in the mass positive – is bactericidal. Under its magical ray the skin instantly is disinfected, pathogenic microbes are killed. This is a significant advantage over other types of laser peels.

Post-Peeling Care

After the laser beam having made its useful and a good cause, the special formulations are applied to the skin to speed the recovery and healing of the skin.

Each step of the process is monitored and supervised by a doctor, and specialized equipment, so that unforeseen complications excluded. Facial laser peel lasts from 10 minutes (this is, if you want to get rid of freckles) to an hour (if you want to eliminate more serious defects).

Indications for Facial Laser Peel

You can select the facial laser peel by yourself to clean your face and eliminate the defects. This procedure can be also assigned by the physician cosmetologist. It all depends on, what you want to fix in your appearance. Indications for facial laser peel can be:

  • spots, not very deep;
  • small depth of wrinkles;
  • acne – defects that often remain after the nonprofessional, self-treated acne at home;
  • shallow scars.

As you can see, the spectrum of the laser beam on the skin is quite wide, which makes this type of peeling is very popular.

Contraindications for Facial Laser Peel

Along with the contraindications, as well as any cosmetic procedure, laser peel has a number of contraindications, which the patient should be apprised of mandatory. These include:

  • extensive inflammatory lesions on the face;
  • pustular skin diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • epilepsy;
  • fever and infectious disease at the time of the procedure;
  • pregnant women also do not recommend spending a laser facial peels: safer to do it after birth;
  • excessive pigmentation;
  • chronic diseases;
  • individual characteristics of the skin.

Contraindications is a very important moment in the process of laser peel. If you neglect them to visit the salon, it can turn into big trouble, and it is very difficult reversible complications.

Laser Resurfacing Results

laser resurfacing results

What is a Laser Facial Peel? Laser Resurfacing Results

Before the procedure you can explore the reviews on facial laser peel of those, who have already used it. They share their feelings, that they experienced during the procedure, and the effect enjoyed after. The laser beam is unique in its action in cosmetology, so works wonders with the skin. As a result, the laser peeling is possible to expect the following results:

  • noticeable lifting effect: facial contours will catch up, the skin will become surprisingly flexible and elastic;
  • complexion is equalized;
  • acne, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks are small (stretching) disappear.

Such a way to preserve the cosmetic effect for 5 years, so you still will not have to suffer for a long time in search of anti-aging agent.

As for the price of a facial laser peel, everything will depend on the area of the treated and global fixes problems. Furthermore, different clinics operate on different hardware and the cost of these can be very different. But facial laser peel is still not a cheap procedure: get ready to waste 130-150 dollars and above. But the result will be an amazing and long-lasting.

Having decided on laser peel, you should choose a good Cosmetic Center and trust the knowledge and experience of professionals.

Believe us, after this procedure, you will feel a few years younger, and the reflection in the mirror finally begins to please you. Do not reconciled with your complexes, if you want to change something in your appearance, facial laser peel is an optimal way in this situation. Love and take care yourself – as and only you can dispose of your youth and beauty.