What is a Keratin Treatment?


  • What is a Keratin Treatment?
  • How Long does Keratin Treatment Last?

Continuous improvement of methods of hair care products has led to the creation of radically new method of recovering damaged curls – Keratin Treatment. The procedure is performed exclusively in salons and is based on straightening hair with special products containing keratin. As an alternative to the natural keratin, which is part of the hair, the treatment allows you to recreate the original structure, “cover” the curls in a protective cocoon. Protection will last at least 2-3 months, during which the hair will stay smooth, supple and shiny.

A keratin treatment at home is based on the use of special masks and wraps that contain biologically active substances. This is an alternative to salon’s procedure that has only recently emerged. The salon’s keratin treatment has both supporters and opponents. The objective opinions and feedback will help to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

What is a Keratin Treatment?

Procedure of keratin hair treatment combined with straightening irons, and the effect after it is stored for a long time. Under the influence of the temperature the nutrients penetrate deep into the hair and combined with natural keratin. Treatment is carried out exclusively in salons with professional means developed for this procedure. It offers a great variety of hairdressing products of famous brands which have won a good reputation.

List means that have received positive reviews from professionals after application:

  • Salerm Keratin Shot;
  • Care Salerm Crema Alisadora;
  • Keratin Shot;
  • CocoChoco Pure;
  • Brazilian Blowout – Brazilian straightening curls;
  • Trissola True;
  • Inoar Marrocan;
  • Cadiveu;
  • Keratin Gold.

What is a keratin treatment at home by using means intended for home use? This series of means, including oils, shampoos, conditioners, masks with keratin which can be used daily. In contrast to the salon hair straightening, home treatment will not bring such an effect, but it can be done on a regular basis. Salon keratin treatment is performed 1 time in 5-6 months.

Products for home treatment with keratin (daily grooming):

  • Keratin Smoothing Shampoo Keune;
  • Cutinol Rebirth Shampoo;
  • Keune Care Line Keratin Volumizer Spray;
  • Keune Care Line Keratin Smoothing;
  • Keratin Restore Milk from Schwarzkopf;
  • CHI Keratin Mist.

Recently, the products with keratin, designed to straighten hair at home using a conventional ironing. The procedure is similar to the salon, but the inconvenience, as it requires time, patience, skills and precautions. In addition, to achieve the same effect as after treatment with keratin in the cabin, is unlikely to succeed. Incorrect application of means will not last long and may lead to a deterioration of the hair.

How Long does Keratin Treatment Last?

how long does keratin treatment last

What is a Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatment at salon is good for dry, damaged, curly and straight hair, prone to fluffiness. Method is ideal for women with long hair. Keratin particles deeply nourish the hair, restore the structure. Temperature effect seals the natural covering of hair, preventing the loss of keratin, thus achieving long-term effect. After the procedure is observed:

  • restore luster;
  • smooth, silky;
  • returns to the life force;
  • stops hair loss;
  • straightening curly curls;
  • no split ends;
  • increase elasticity, thickness of hair.

Procedure lasts, depending on the volume and length of hair from 2 to 4 hours. The effect of long-lasting, but not permanent. After unprofessional application after some time will relapse: strands becomes thin, brittle and dull. That’s why the Internet can find negative reviews after the first treatment in the home. It is important to restore keratin shag in salons with a good reputation, to avoid unpleasant consequences.

  • Hair care after the procedure of keratin treatment is to maintain hygiene by conventional means. To prolong the effects of salon procedures the hair care agents from the same series as the keratin treatment are recommended. They are shampoos, balms, conditioners and masks.

Carry out the procedure of salon straightening is not recommended more than 1 time every six months. Keratin hair care is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women because of the formaldehyde content, too thinning strands, for bleached curls with visible signs of damage to the structure.

  • Natural Keratin is the foundation and guarantee of beauty hair. Loss of keratin cover because a number of reasons leads to severe damage and susceptibility to aggressive factors.

Artificial restoration of the structure of hair with keratin treatment helps to restore strength, alive shine, to protect against damage. For selecting a means read the reviews and consult with professionals.