What if the Nails Began to Break Down?


  • What Causes Brittle Nails 
  • Treatment for Weak Nails 
  • Strengthen Weak Nails
    1. Lemon
    2. Olive Oil + Apple Cider Vinegar
    3. Potato Broth
    4. Sea Salt
    5. Berries

Smooth, long, well-groomed nails paint any woman. However, many of women have only to dream about this. No manicure will not save, if the brittle nails: what to do with such misfortune and whether they can somehow be strengthened and restored at home?

It turns out that it takes only a little time and patience to make your nails healthy. To begin with, it is recommended to find out the causes of this unpleasant phenomenon.

What Causes Brittle Nails

If it will be possible to determine the reason why nails are broken, the success for their home restoration is guaranteed.

After all, if you eliminate the factor that contributes to their fragility, the problem itself disappears. Try to analyze the situation and your way of life, understand what you are doing wrong, and begin to eliminate the root cause.

It can be:

  • vitamin deficiency: lack of vitamins and trace elements reflects first of all on nails;

use of a low-quality, cheap tools for nail care;

  • permanent thick layer of nail polish, which prevents access to oxygen, prevents cellular respiration;

permanent exposure to the hands of chemical solutions: regular work with liquids and caustic products, cleaning agents;

  • use of very hot water for washing hands;

absence of gloves on hands during cold season;

  • insufficient nail care: ignoring the creams for the hands;

various internal diseases associated with disorders in the nervous or endocrine system;

  • changes in the hormonal background.

Sometimes a woman does not even know why she has brittle and brittle nails, but in fact the reason for this can be trivial and simple. Reconsider your attitude to the care of hands and nails – and the situation will change for the better.

Eliminating the cause of the unpleasant phenomenon, you can begin to learn the careful care of brittle nails, which require special restorative measures.

Treatment for Weak Nails 

Even if you can accurately determine the cause of the fragility of your nails and even eliminate the revealed harmful factor, the nail plate will be damaged anyway and may continue to disintegrate and break further. To strengthen it, you need to be able to properly take care of it.

Care for Fragile Nails

Observance of simple rules for the care of damaged, fragile, brittle nails will make them in the shortest possible time the most beautiful and strong:

Include in your diet foods rich in vitamins: fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, meat, fish.

  • Of all the nail files only glass files does not injure the nail, that’s why it is ideal for caring for the damaged plate.

Home manicure should be done only on clean, dried hands. The cream on them is applied already after the completion of all procedures.

  • Be sure to soften the cuticle with the help of water, in which it is useful to dissolve sea salt and 2-3 drops of iodine: this in parallel will help strengthen the nails.

If you use a liquid to remove varnish, be careful that it does not contain acetone, which has a harmful effect on the health and strength of the nail plates.

  • Give nails a full and regular rest from varnish. Every 4-5 days, remove the varnish and leave your nails open for 3-4 days. Acrylic and shellac are undesirable until you restore fragile nails. The ideal option – do not use varnish for the period of restoration of nails.

When doing housework, when dealing with scouring powders to remove scale, plaque, rust and simply dirt, be sure to wear rubber gloves even if you are uncomfortable working with them. It is all these means most often contribute to the fact that the nails are constantly broken and cracked, despite the various expensive means.

  • Hot water is equally harmful to the skin of the hands, which is very dried under its influence, and for the nails that begin to break even more. So get used to washing your hands with water at room temperature (the cold too will not lead to anything good in this case).

Do not use your poor nails to get them something out of the hard-to-reach places, open jars of carbonated drinks, etc. All this contributes to their rapid damage.

  • Be sure to do at home strengthening bath to restore weakened, brittle, damaged nails. And this should be regular procedures.

Trying to adhere to these simple rules for the restoration of brittle nails, you can strengthen them in 2-3 weeks. But even after recovery, do not forget to pamper them with strengthening baths for preventive purposes and do not expose them to more domestic stresses, from which they break and break.

Strengthen Weak Nails

What if the Nails Began to Break Down?

If the nails break very much, the firming baths for them can be done every other day. If this happens from time to time, but the situation is not catastrophic, the regularity can be 1 time in 3-4 days.

If now everything is in order, but you are afraid that soon the nails will begin to break, you can use such a tool once in 7-10 days as a prophylaxis. A full recovery course should be at least 10-15 procedures.

  • Lemon

Cut the ripe lemon into two equal halves. Lower the nails into each of them to the very bottom and sit for 10-15 minutes in a relaxed state.

One thing to consider here is a very important point. If there are burrs or open wounds on the fingers, this procedure is contraindicated: you burn the damaged skin.

  • Olive Oil + Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix 2 tablespoons of unrefined olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Slightly preheat the mixture in a microwave, lower the marigold for 10-15 minutes.

You can do it every day for three weeks.

  • Potato Broth

Fresh, peel potatoes, boil until cooked.

Water, where it was cooked, slightly cool, hold hands in it for 15-20 minutes. Not only the nails will be transformed, but the skin of the hands.

  • Sea Salt

In warm water (100 ml) dissolve sea salt (2 tablespoons).

You can add a few drops of iodine (2-3) for greater efficiency. Keep fingernails in solution for 20 minutes.

  • Berries

Crush any sour berries: cranberries and cranberries, red and black currants. Dip in the resultant puree nails for 5-10 minutes.

Such fortifying means for brittle nails can be used at home. Remember: beautiful, well-groomed nails – evidence that a woman watches herself. Be always on top and do not forget to treat your damaged, weakened nail plates.