What Causes of Eye Redness? Quick eye redness treatment


  • Irritation of Eye: What Causes Eye Redness?
  • How to Treat Red Eye? Modern and Traditional Methods.
  • Eye Redness Treatment: The Best Recipes.

Everyone is familiar with the problem of chronic fatigue and lack of sleep, of long sitting with the computer and of abundant tears. However, not only it can provoke such a thing as irritation eye: causes sometimes can prove to be much more serious. Moreover, it causes discomfort, it also looks very unattractive. Therefore, the relevant question immediately becomes actual, how to treat red eye quickly and easily.

Irritation of Eye: What Causes Eye Redness?

The treatment to be effective, you need to know the factors that triggered this unpleasant phenomenon. After all, any irritation eye will have completely different causes. And the degree of severity of the disease will be determined not by how much the eye is filled with blood, and by redness in eye with pain. Let’s attempt to highlight several major causes of irritation eye, which are the most common:

irritation eye

  • sunlight may cause the dilation of blood vessels;
  • any eye injury will also be accompanied by irritation of eye;
  • evening tiredness after a long work behind the monitor – one of the most common causes of this irritation eye, as well as a sleepless night;
  • redness in eye with pain can be caused by large dust hit the mucosa;
  • a foreign body in the eye can cause the irritation of eye;
  • unpleasant allergies and eye pain can provoke the irritation of protein.

All these factors are easily rectifiable, and do not cause much difficulty in deciding, how to treat red eye in the shortest possible time. All sorts of lotions and eye masks will help in this cases, which are quick and easy to make at home. People who work at night or constantly sitting at the computer, must know all the steps to get rid of irritation eye painlessly and quickly. More often people, whose work involves hazardous conditions or toxic substances, are also at risk in this case.

Often, however, chronic eye inflammation and redness in eye with pain are associated with severe inflammatory processes, that require urgent treatment:

  • blepharitis – inflammation of the ciliary follicles caused by skin bacteria;
  • conjunctivitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye having a viral origin;
  • peptic ulcer of the cornea;
  • glaucoma attack.

As a rule, all these diseases are accompanied by burning and redness in eye with pain – this is not a simple eye fatigue and redness from which easily remedied. With these symptoms is better to consult your doctor immediately.

How to Treat Red Eye? Modern and Traditional Methods

There are different methods that eliminate the allergies and eye pain: medical treatment if a serious disease, and home remedies.

How to Treat Red Eye with Modern Methods?

Doctor will prescribe the medication, at least – surgery (e.g., in the case of glaucoma). To withdraw the irritation eye of all kinds there are drops and ointments:

  • drops, having the effect of vasoconstriction;
  • vitamin-mineral complexes, which include lutein;
  • tetracycline eye ointment;
  • numerous eye drops from eye fatigue, which is called “artificial tears” in medicine: they are perfectly moisturize the mucous and improve circulation.

Not recommended to use these means without recommendations of ophthalmologist, since even simple eye drops from fatigue may have their own characteristics in the indications for use.

How to Treat Red Eye with Traditional Methods?

The folk remedies ensure very quick and easy removal of eye fatigue, they will help to tidy up the blood circulation, eliminate eye puffiness and redness:

  • cool compresses of plain water or herbal concoctions (chamomile or oak);
  • ice cubes;
  • slices of raw potato;
  • used black tea bags.

Do not forget that to help for eye redness treatment, is worth only, if you have not symptoms of serious eye diseases. In other cases, you can use lotions and eye masks, which will be a real salvation in getting rid of irritation eye.

Eye Redness Treatment: The Best Recipes

how to treat red eye

Choosing a recipe, that you want to try to use for eye redness treatment, guide by the preparing time (10 minutes) + time of the mask or lotion (about 20 minutes). Do not forget to remove makeup before applying them and to comply with all rules of hygiene. Rinse off the mask should be a cotton swab dipped in tonic or warm filtered water.

  • 1. Potato Mask

Finely grated raw potatoes wrapped in gauze, apply on your eyes.

  • 2. Herbal Ice

Camomile tea or oak bark freeze in the form of cubes.

  • 3. Tea Lotion

Brew the black tea bag. You can just wet a cotton pad in the steep black tea and apply to red eyes.

  • 4. Cucumber Mask

Shredded cucumber wrapped in gauze and apply to the eyes.

  • 5. Honey Drops

Honey (1 drop) was dissolved in warm filtered water (a tablespoon). Instilled in the eye.

  • 6. Olive Compress

Pieces of gauze or cotton swabs to moisten with olive oil and apply.

  • 7. Contrast Compresses

In two bowls to pour hot and cold water. Alternately, do the eye hot compress, then cold one.

  • 8. Mashed Potatoes

Warm mashed potatoes, wrapped in gauze, quickly cope with reddening eyes.

  • 9. Parsley

Chopped parsley, laid directly on the eyelids, help to relieve the fatigue.

  • 10. Apple Mask

Green apple grate in cheesecloth and apply to the eyes.

Resorting to home remedies for eye redness treatment, remember, that it would be nice to eliminate the reasons of this phenomenon, not to expose your eyes for chronic eye inflammation.