What Benefits of Nicotinic Acid for Hair Growth


  • What Benefits of Nicotinic Acid for Hair Growth
  • Homemade Treatments for Faster Hair Growth

Nicotinic acid (or vitamin PP) is often added to cosmetic products in treatment for hair growth. This is due to the fact that it accelerates the growth and preventing hair loss. Despite its “suspicious” name, it has nothing to do with nicotine and completely harmless for the organism and the scalp. It costs relatively cheap, but has an extremly good effect for hair growth.

What Benefits of Nicotinic Acid for Hair Growth

The main properties of liquid vitamin PP are vasodilation and acceleration of metabolism in tissues of the skin. Therefore, it is used not only in cosmetics, but also for medicinal purposes. It is also used as an injection for eliminating cancer cells, weight loss, improved memory and eyesight.

What Benefits of Nicotinic Acid for Hair Growth

What Benefits of Nicotinic Acid for Hair Growth

Most often nicotinic acid is used in treatment for hair growth, but it is not only its beneficial cosmetic properties. With it you can achieve the following results:

  • prevent the hair loss by improving blood circulation in the scalp (the oxygen begins to fill actively the skin of scalp);
  • it can also help to moisten slightly the dry hair type, causing them to become more elastic and shiny;
  • it improves the overall appearance of curls (they will become more healthy and beautiful);
  • it has virtually no odor, and its use is absolutely making no problems.

As you can see, vitamin PP is a very useful means in homemade treatment for hair growth. But its main drawback; it is possible appearance of allergic reaction in its application. To eliminate it, apply a small amount of nicotinic acid on the delicate skin of the hands and watch the reaction for half an hour.

Homemade Treatments for Faster Hair Growth

Before to use, wash your hair with shampoo, which does not include the silicone (it impedes the flow to the skin of useful trace elements). The hair must remain slightly wet, it promotes the absorption of the drug into the skin.

  • Then pick the vial and gently distribute the drug across the skin of the head (first on the temples, and then on the hairline). Distribute evenly drug in small doses, so that you have enough of one ampoule (in a pinch, you can use a second vial). After a while you will feel a slight tingling sensation, and there is nothing wrong (it is said that the drug began to act). But if you feel sharp pain or itching, immediately wash off and refrain from further use of it.

To rinse the nicotinic acid is not necessary, leave it on all day. Repeat this procedure every day for a month, and the result will surprise you. After a full course you need to be sure to take a break for 2 months.

If we believe the reviews, for the month of application of vitamin PP, hair grows 4 centimeters, which is quite a good result. They also become more elastic and no longer fall out.