What Benefits does Aloe Vera Juice Have?

Aloe Vera (desert lily) – is a well known plant for thousands of years. It is famous as a ” pantry of elements” within Aloe Vera there are near 200 elements. It is grown for centuries as a remedy for all diseases. These are vitamins B1, B2, niacin, B6, B 12, C, choline, folic acid, E, A; mineral elements, amino acids, biochemicals, for a man of immense value. Application of Aloe Vera has no side effects. When applying increases vitality. This plant grows in areas of Asia, the Mediterranean, southern Africa and the Americas.

Ancient records show that the benefits of Aloe Vera have been known to mankind for centuries. More than 2,500 years of used as medicinal purposes.

What Benefits does Aloe Vera Juice Have?

• It has excellent tissue penetration

• Acts as an analgesic, in direct application externally

• Reduces the pain deeply beneath the surface of the skin, including muscle and joint pain

• Exhibits bactericidal properties at high concentrations for a few hours in direct contact with pathogenic germs and microorganisms

• Kill viruses at high concentrations at prolonged exposure

• Kills fungal cultures in the same conditions, reduces bleeding

• Antipyretic: reduces the temperature and the heat in wounds

• The anti-inflammatory agent that acts similar to steroids

• Stops itching

• Enriches the body nutrients

• It has a tonic effect – contains vitamins and minerals

• Extends the capillaries, increasing blood flow to the surface in topical preparations of Aloe Vera

• It leads to the disintegration of dead tissue, affecting the proteolytic enzymes, which accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues

• Accelerate the growth of cells, reducing the regenerative phase of treatment

• Hydrates tissues to which is applied, the application of drugs with Aloe Vera does not cause habituation effect of the body

• Resists normalizes metabolism and this effect has a prolonged effect

• Used as a binder, anticoagulant, anti-bacterial, analgesic, immune-stimulating, moisturizing, regenerating, film-forming, a sedative

• It has bacteriostatic properties against many groups of microbes: staphylococcus, streptococcus, diphtheria, typhoid and dysentery sticks

• Used in the gastro-intestinal poisoning and intoxication

• Provides filtering UVA radiation

• Promotes healing of burns and skin regeneration

• Used to cleanse the digestive system, liver, gall bladder and kidneys

• Prevents the formation of kidney stones, asthmatic conditions, migraine, diabetes, normalizes the bowels

• Facilitates herpes, psoriasis, heartburn

• For the treatment of septic wounds , venous ulcers, burns, boils and carbuncles

• is used for rinsing the oral cavity diseases and gums

• Stabilizes and calms all the systems of the body, sleep disorders, excessive nervousness, tension

• Is the prevention of cancer

• For the treatment of animals

• High-security applications