How to Tighten Double Chin: the best methods


  • How to Tighten Double Chin?
  • Methods for Slimming Face.
  • The Effectiveness of Methods for Slimming Face.
  • Get Rid of the Chubby Cheeks at Home.

Some women have slim figure, but the chubby cheeks. And the natural question arises: what to do to grown thin the face? It turns out, the slimming face is a very topical problem for women of all ages. You can solve it with the help of a doctor-cosmetologist, or with special exercises at home.

How to Tighten Double Chin?

For appearance of double chin and sagging cheeks the weakening of facial muscles contributes primarily. Usually this occurs either with age, especially, if the person paid virtually no attention to the gymnastics, either, as a result of weight gain or drastic weight loss.

In addition, “to have grown the extra crease” under the chin, the habit to read lying “helps” very much, the same like stooping and walking with head down.

In rare cases, the presence of double chin and sagging cheeks downwards indicates about diseases of the thyroid gland.

But as a rule, and in these situations by simple manipulations you can reduce the amount of folds, tighten up the facial contours without surgery.

  1. Sagging cheeks can be tidy up just within two or three weeks.
  2. To tighten double chin, you have to tinker a little longer, but about a month, or a month and a half, will be significantly tightened up or disappeared altogether.

The face like no other part of the body reacts quickly by all sorts of manipulation. All what you need is patience and a little time every day to remove the cheeks within shortest possible time.

Methods for Slimming Face

If you have wondered how to make the face perfect, without sagging cheeks and extra folds, you will have to choose between a beauty salon and homemade means.


slimming face

In the beauty salon the specialist will tell you in detail what to do for slimming face. You can do:

  • facial chemical peels, which influences the facial muscles actively for their better contraction;
  • oxygen mesotherapy, which affects the inside muscles of the face: their anatomy is such that they should be in good shape and not to relax – and the oxygen will contribute in this, penetrating deep into the skin;
  • myo-structural massage of face – perfect for charging of the face, and is performed by specialists.

Have learned, how to make slimming face with the help of experts, you can use any of these procedures in the nearest beauty salon. But somebody is more interested in traditional methods to get rid of fat cheeks by yourself.


The folk wisdom tells us how to make slimming face in a short time without chubby cheeks and double chin:

  • homemade facial masks that restore cellular processes and deduce the excess fat;
  • self-massage;
  • the best method – daily exercise for facial muscles, complexes of special exercises;
  • special diets;
  • compresses.

After reviewing how to remove the chubby cheeks from the face, do not forget to learn about the expected results.

The Effectiveness of Methods for Slimming Face

Any salon- or homemade-weight-loss procedure involves in this process the muscles of cheeks and neck: their anatomy demands to shake the muscles constantly and to activate metabolic processes inside the skin cells. As a result:

  • chemical effects on skin cells (masks, peels) removes harmful substances, toxins and excess fat;
  • charging and massage strengthen the muscles of the face, making them supple and elastic;
  • double chin gradually disappears;
  • facial contours become clear, concise, correct, beautiful;
  • chubby cheeks disappear.

Do you want your pretty face has perfectly correct form? Then it’s time to learn how to get rid of the chubby cheeks by yourself.

Get Rid of the Chubby Cheeks at Home

We will share with you the tips on how to get rid of chubby cheeks with different methods at home.

  • Drinking Regime

Sometimes the big cheeks mean an accumulation of fluid in the body, because is simply not enough of water for cells. So, it is recommended to drink for about 2 liters of green tea and mineral water without gas per day. In this, totally abstain from alcohol, firstly, and from beer, secondly.

  • Fruit-Vegetable Diet

To start with, reply youself, how many extra pounds did you gain over the last few years?

Actually, the problem is not in number, but in the real fact: there is overweight – there are the chubby cheeks. And, if you have the flabby facial muscles, it is not surprising, that your cheeks “crawling down”, smoothly flowing in second chin.

The first thing you need to start fighting for aristocratic oval face – is to reduce the weight. Select a suitable diet, which will have as much as possible less of sweet, overly salty, fatty and starchy foods, and follow it.

Be sure to drink fresh juices – carrot, cabbage, apple. You can just eat the fresh carrot or apple.

Nutritionists tell you, how to improve facial contours using fresh fruits and vegetables. If the fruits and vegetables are included in your diet constantly, fiber in their composition will help to restore metabolic processes and maintain normal water balance.

  • Self-Massage

Massage will help to bring the muscles in tone, will restore the normal blood flow to all areas of the face. This means, that the sagging cheeks lift up, the oval of the face becomes clearer. Yes, and skin condition improves markedly.

1. Apply to the face any nourishing cream (without lifting effect).

2. Start massage with patting, continue with claps, pinching in the directions from the nose to the temples, along the arc of the cheekbones, from brow to the temples, from the middle of the chin – up to the cheeks.

3. Clap by the back of your hand under the chin, pinching the crease, rub it thoroughly. Try not to stretch the skin at the same time.

Checked: too cautious and gentle touch will not bring the desired result. Do not be afraid to hurt yourself, but do not overdo it, otherwise, it may happen, that you have to get rid of bruises on your face.

We show you how to get rid of sagging cheeks, using an interesting self-massage with a towel soaked in the infusion of herbs. In equal proportions mix the chamomile, sage, lime blossom, and yarrow (1 tablespoon) and pour boiling water (1.5 cups), to insist 20 minutes. Dampen a towel, and clap by it on the cheeks and chin.

  • Special Exercises

slimming face

There is a set of exercises, designed specifically for slimming face, which can be found in the relevant literature, but we share the most important and effective.

Simultaneously, do the daily exercises for the muscles of the face, it should be your regulary practice.

1. Vigorously, with a maximum articulation, say (can be silently) consistently the sounds “A, O, U”. Repeat the sequence of these sounds not less than 30 times. Change the order of sounds and utter “U, O, A” – 30 times too.

2. Do exactly the same exercise, but with the sounds “E, U” – repeat them 30 times. Then change the order pronouncing sounds: “U, E” – 30 times.

3. A similar exercise again with the sounds “O, U”. And ‘U, O” – the same 30 times.

4. Take the air in mouth, puffing out your cheeks. Simulate “rinsing” of the mouth, as if you had the water in your mouth. Make “air-rinsing” thoroughly, at least two minutes, “surpassing” from one cheek to the other, up and down.

5. Put your elbows on the table and lean your chin on your palm. Without moving your head, make an effort to open your mouth, while your hands, pushing the bottom of the chin.

6. Pull the lower jaw forward, while pronouncing vigorously the sound E, then return it to its original position with the sound of U.

  • Facials

Regularly use face masks, made ​​from natural ingredients, that nourish the skin with essential substances, accelerate metabolism, normalize blood circulation and promote the removal of fat deposits.

For tightening the oval of the face, use any suitable age-masks and creams with lifting effect, that tighten the skin.

You can buy the special products with collagen, or prepare by yourself the effective homemade masks.

The more you moisturize and nourish the skin, the fresher and younger look your face.

Well, if you can do without cigarettes and alcohol, without unnecessary cup of coffee or black tea, sweets and cakes, with every year the reflection in the mirror will delight you more and more in spite of age.

If your friends do not know how to get rid of the chubby cheeks and make slimming face, share with them by these knowledge. Choose the best option, that will provide the perfect oval face and healthy youthful skin for you.