What are Styes in the Eye? Eyes styes treatment


  • Causes of Stye and Chalazion.
  • What are Styes in the Eye?
  • Eyes Styes Treatment.
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Stye is a purulent inflammation of the mucous on the membrane of the century, which causes pain and spoil the appearance of the face significantly.

The makeup will not hide this red and swollen ball, filled with pus. If the stye has appeared, the treatment should be immediate, the infection does not spread further. For the purpose the treatment is as effective as possible,and to prevent the further re-occurrence of such troubles, you need to identify the cause that provoked the emergence of barley.

Causes of Stye and Chalazion

In most cases the painful stye appears under the influence of staphylococcus aureus – a bacterial infection that enters in the body in the following cases:

  • if immunity is weakened;
  • after hypothermia;
  • non-compliance with the basic rules of hygiene and entering the contamination to the eye;
  • in the case of vitamin deficiency;
  • in the presence of abrasions;
  • in diseases of the endocrine system (e.g., diabetes);
  • during disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract ( gastritis, colitis and other diseases).

Each of these reasons can be a precipitating factor for the appearance of an abscess on the eyelids. The eye treatment for stye to be effective, it should be directed to the underlying disease. It is important to promptly seek medical attention, and for this it is necessary to know the basic symptoms of barley to avoid confusion with other inflammatory tumors.

What are Styes in the Eye?

If the stye starts to mature the symptoms manifest themselves immediately:

  • a small tumor on the edge of the eyelid (both lower and upper);
  • pain with pressure on the swelling;
  • swelling and inflammation of the skin around the tumor;
  • of the eye may be red;
  • in some cases there is intoxication (headache and fever);
  • regional lymph nodes increases;
  • portion of purulent tumors.

After some time the abscess may be opened or may disappear on their own. If you want to get rid of stye as quickly as possible, do not open it by yourself at home: you can spread the infection and promote an inflammation. So, if you have a stye, what is the eye treatment for stye and what methods to use?

Eyes Styes Treatment

eyes styes treatment

About what is the eye treatment for stye, you can find a lot of information, but no one will give the council better than an experienced doctor. The painful syndrome you can remove with lotions, but with a main reason, that triggered the emergence of barley, it is necessary to go to the hospital.


If you do not have a clue what is the eyes styes treatment, and faced with this disease for the first time, the doctor will prescribe medication, which includes:

  • external processing of stye with ethanol, green paint, or calendula tincture of iodine;
  • anti-inflammatory eye ointment: hydrocortisone or tetracycline;
  • antibacterial eye drops: ciprofloxacin or chloramphenicol.

At diagnosis stye medication treatment involves constant monitoring by a doctor.

Folk Remedies

If you woke up the next morning and found an unexpectedly stye: what do to do in such an emergency? The folk remedies can come to the aid in the form of lotions and medical masks, which you can find below. Their effect can be assessed almost immediately after their application, and to strengthen the result of regular use:

  • pain subsides;
  • stye under the eye becomes not so red;
  • reduce puffiness;
  • general condition will improve dramatically.

To facilitate the condition, when the stye appeared, the popular treatment offers many different natural products from which you can easily select any recipe.

Eye Treatment for Stye: Best Recipes

eye treatment for stye

Remember, that it not worth to make eye treatment for stye at home, as any folk remedy only facilitates the external symptoms without eliminating the disease. Catching preparing the folk remedies, you need to observe clearly all the proportions of the ingredients in their composition, and to ensure complete sterility of all procedures. This also applies to cases where the internal stye appeared also: how to treat a subcutaneous tumor, the doctor will advise you too.

Dry Heat

Boil hard boiled egg without peeling, put it in a clean handkerchief, attach to the inflamed place to cool. The same can be done with a potato, but it is better to stretch it before wrapping: so it will retain heat longer. The dry and warm compress can be done with the help of flax seed: they need to be heated in a pan and tie in a handkerchief, which will be conveniently applied to the eye. Instead of seeds the regular table salt is suitable also. Thus, any stye is not difficult to cure quickly and painlessly. This folk remedy is effective in the initial stage, before the formation of an abscess. The abscess can not be warmed.

Blooming Tansy

The flowers of tansy is an excellent natural remedy against the stye for ingestion. Eat 8 florets of the medicinal plants and drink plain water five times a day.

Decoction of Calendula

Fresh or dried calendula flowers, pour boiling water ( two grams of water per ten grams of plant) to hold on heat for 10 minutes, cover, wrap the pan with a towel or a bathrobe and leave for an hour. Cool, strain, infusion soak gauze and do regular lotion on barley to 3 times a day.


To treat a stye, the folk remedies recommend using aloe. Sheet midsize chop and pour boiled cold water (200 grams). During a day it can be applied as a lotion.


To cure the inner stye is recommended a decoction of plantain, and apply it to the affected area. Fresh or dried leaves are crushed, 3 tablespoons, pour a glass of boiling water.

Herbal Infusions

Tablespoon of herbs (chamomile, birch buds, flowers, cherry, rosemary), pour with a cup of boiling water, stand in a water bath for 15 minutes and infuse for half an hour.


To treat stye, the homemade treatment involves the use of fennel. Seeds (a teaspoon) pour a glass of boiling water, bring to a boil. Cool, strain.

Black Tea

Steamed tea leaves of black tea apply to the affected place. You can take the used tea bags.


Coriander seeds (a teaspoon) to make a glass of boiling water, to insist, cool and drain.

To cure stye and chalazion, whose causes are rooted in the condition of your body, folk means are not enough: at any case, you should consult a doctor to avoid the complications.