What are Some Good Breakfast Foods?

We try to give the reply what are some good breakfast foods? Aa a healthy breakfast is something that is nutritional, filling, well-balanced, tastes great, will keep you full, and will give you energy to use later throughout the day.

Some examples of healthy breakfast foods are:

  • Fruit – Many fruits are naturally sweet (bananas, apples, oranges, grapefruits, pears) and filling. They are also very healthy and good for you breakfast foods.
  • Cereal – Go for whole grains, maybe some with added dried fruit. Try to aviod sugary cereals, though.
  • Eggs – Eggs are full of protein and will give you energy to use later on throughout the day. They can also be served a bunch of different ways if you wanted to switch it up, too. Two eggs with a side of whole wheat toast is under 300 calories, is very filling, tastes great, and it healthy fo you.

  • Breakfast Shake / Smoothie – Try putting some fruit in a blender with low-fat vanilla (or flavored, if you want) yogurt. This is really good, especially if you are on the run in the mornings!
  • Granola – This is a good side, along with fruit or yogurt.
  • Tea – This, especially herbal green tea, is great for your body. Go for de-caf, though. It will also give you really ncie skin, too!
  • Coffee – Go for de-caf, but some people feel like they need their coffee to get going in the morning.
  • Juice – Orange, apple, grapefruit, and anything else (try to get fresh-squeezed, though), is good. Fruit is naturally sweet tasting, so you won’t need much added sugars in it.

There are lots of options for breakfast that will not only taste good and leave you feeling full and satisfied, but will also be healthy for your body.