Paraffin Wax Mask: Unique Therapeutic and Cosmetic Means


  • Paraffin Wax Mask: Mechanism of Action on the Skin
  • DIY Facial Masks of Paraffin: Indications and Contraindications
  • How to Make Facial Masks from Paraffin

DIY facial masks from paraffin have become very popular lately, which include cosmetic paraffin.

It can be purchased at a pharmacy or specialized salon. If you have to choose from when buying different kinds, you should give preference to white paraffin, which has a soothing and gentle effect on the skin. The rejuvenating effect due to paraffin wax mask that is easy to make at home?

Paraffin Wax Mask: Mechanism of Action on the Skin

Paraffin Wax Mask: Mechanism of Action on the Skin

Paraffin Wax Mask: Mechanism of Action on the Skin

Paraffin for face is a chemical substance consisting of hydrocarbons (alkynes), which makes paraffin wax mask a unique cosmetics. The mechanism of their action on the skin is very simple: the paraffin forms a layer at which the skin is exposed to a certain heat. As a result of paraffin mask at home is the most wonderful way to transform the skin:

  • the seals and swelling are resolving;
  • the pores are expanding;
  • having the effect of a heat compress, wax face mask contributes to the complete disappearance of acne;
  • increased muscle tone;
  • as part of wax face masks it has medicinal properties as well as improve blood circulation;
  • increased skin elasticity;
  • grease pores are softened and fat easily come out of them;
  • facial contour becomes more crisp.

With all these properties, paraffin wax mask has the most positive reviews. Anyone who has used it, prefers it to all other masks. The main thing – to follow the recipe exactly and have no contraindications.

DIY Facial Masks of Paraffin: Indications and Contraindications

Before we get acquainted with the instructions and recipes how to make paraffin wax mask at home, without resorting to a specialist should be familiar with the indications for the use of such masks in order to avoid adverse effects and side effects. DIY facial masks with white paraffin is indispensable:

  • for a faded, sagging, wrinkled skin;
  • for dry, cracked skin;
  • for tired skin;
  • for inflamed and problem skin;
  • for face with the effect of a double chin and big cheeks.

To paraffin wax mask has maximum effect on the skin, study in detail the sequence of actions, how to apply the paraffin by layers on the face. And be sure to consider the contraindications:

  • vasodilation;
  • pustular inflammation of the skin;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • hypertrichosis;
  • hypertension;
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • plenty of warts or moles;
  • pregnancy.

If none of the diseases you do not have, you can start to make the recipes, how do you make face masks at home.

How to Make Facial Masks of Paraffin

How to Make Facial Masks of Paraffin

How to Make Facial Masks of Paraffin

Any paraffin wax mask is applied to clean skin (eg, after a scrub).

  • 1. Classical Paraffin Mask
    50 grams of white paraffin melt in a water bath. With cotton swab dipped in melted paraffin, apply a mask from chin to forehead. After cooling of the first layer applied another. The paraffin mask will have a greater effect when applied 3 to 4 such layers. If the skin is inflamed, paraffin for face is best to buy from a pharmacy.
  • 2. Paraffin Headband
    You can dip the bandage in the melted paraffin and apply it on your face. Then repeat the mask technology: overlay 3 or 4 bandage soaked in paraffin. Especially good this band to improve the contour of the face.
  • 3. Integrated Paraffin Mask
    The molten paraffin (1 tsp) pour olive or almond oil (1 teaspoon), spermaceti or lanolin (half a teaspoon) and cocoa butter (heaped teaspoon). If you want to get rid of acne, it is best to use the medical paraffin instead of cosmetic as part of diy facial masks.
  • 4. Steam Paraffin Bath
    The effect of classical paraffin mask can be doubled and you can get even more stunning result. On top of the mask you put a layer of cotton, leaving space for the nose and mouth, and cover with towel. These steam paraffin mask is good for feet: it relieves fatigue and swelling very well.
  • 5. Honey and Paraffin Mask
    In the first layer of paraffin, which lies directly on the skin, you can add liquid honey (1 teaspoon).
  • 6. Paraffin Mask with Aloe
    In the first layer of paraffin, you can add a few drops of aloe juice.
  • 7. Paraffin Mask with Essential Oils
    In the same first layer of paraffin, you can add a few drops of essential oils such as rose, lemon or orange.

You can use both hot and cold paraffin for face in these masks: both will create a greenhouse effect and contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin.