Useful Oregano Benefits


  • Oregano Plant – a Familiar Stranger
  • Useful Oregano Benefits
  • Practical Application of Oregano

Thanks to the amazing adaptability to any climatic conditions on the Russian expanses of this plant can not be found, perhaps, only in the Far North. In July, forest edges and clearings, meadows and even the rocky areas are decorated with scatterings of purple flowers with purple tint origanum vulgaris, exuding a pleasant aroma.

Many gardeners appreciate the “mountain decoration” (so you can translate the Latin name of the herb) for its decorative qualities, whereas the beneficial properties of Oregano are often in the background. And, as it turns out, it is in vain!

Oregano Plant – a Familiar Stranger

Oregano – a great honey plant, and as such it is often cultivated by beekeepers in different parts of the world. But this is not its only advantage.

In many national cuisines made to add oregano leaves mushroom, vegetable and meat dishes, sausage and ham as a spice. It’s a good addition to salads and soups.

Tea with the petals of oregano becomes delicate aroma and exquisite taste. Good and homemade cakes with oregano.

Useful Oregano Benefits

Useful Oregano Benefits

Pickles and marinades are better preserved, if they add a few leaves of wonderful plants.

If you put a few sprigs of oregano in the closet, your belongings will be protected from moths pervasive.

Such component as an essential oil of Origanum vulgare used for preparing all kinds of liquors and liqueurs, and in the production of beer kvass, in perfumery, and also in the manufacturing process colognes and soaps.

By the way, the British researchers at the comparison of the effects of oregano oil with two dozen popular antibiotics came to some surprising conclusions. It turned out that the oil is much more powerful – even destroys microbes resist the drugs.

Therefore, the most widely used are the useful properties of oregano in medicine. That, however, is not surprising, because the ground part of the plant impress with their chemical composition. It tannins and pigments, essential oils with phenols, free alcohols, etc. And most importantly -.. Oregano can be safely attributed to the record for the content of much needed for good health Vitamin C.

Useful Oregano Benefits

In Russia, oregano long time have adopted the folk healers. Infusion of herbs successfully treat cough and colds, bronchitis and tuberculosis, sore throat and gum disease, disease of the stomach and liver, female ailments and hypertension. We used oregano as a diaphoretic, expectorant, cholagogue, anthelmintic, analgesic, wound healing, anti-inflammatory, stimulating appetite and nerve sedative.

To save the child from rickets or scrofula, he bathed in the decoction of the flowers and leaves of the forest mint (it is one of the popular names of medicinal plants). These baths are effective enough and various skin rashes, and lotions and compresses of decoctions and infusions are effective for eczema, abscesses, boils.

Freshly prepared broth oregano traditionally “prescribed” in epilepsy, paralysis, convulsions, rheumatism and abdominal pain. They drank it and headaches, insomnia, shortness of breath, washed their wounds. But shampooing decoction or infusion of oregano is not only helps to get rid of migraines, but also significantly accelerates the growth of hair.

Is it any wonder that the oregano benefits could not ignore the attention and official medicine. Preparations of this wonderful herb is prescribed as an adjunct in the treatment.

Practical Application of Oregano

It is natural to assume that at this point you are very interested in how to brew oregano and use it for their own benefit. Everything is quite simple.

To prepare the broth, place in an enamel bowl 2 tablespoons. of dried marjoram, pour a glass of boiling water and heat for 15 minutes in a water bath. The cooled mass of strain, add in the broth of boiled water (up to the initial volume). Is it usually half a cup 2-3 times a day (half an hour before eating). Stored decoction of no more than 2 days in the shade.

To prepare an infusion of oregano, pour boiling water (1 cup) 2 hours of raw, close the container with a lid and allow to stand for about 20 minutes, then strain. Drink warm infusion of half a glass before meals, three times a day.

You do not mind bracing soak in the bath? A glass of dry grass brew 2 liters of boiling water and let stand for about half an hour. Strain the infusion and pour into a bath filled. It is possible to enjoy!

Contraindicated drugs from oregano in pregnancy. There is also an opinion that oregano – grass women and men drink tea and infusions from it to get involved is not necessary. As far as this is to believe – you decide. But caution never hurts.