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Every woman even once faced with this terrible problem on the face: dark circles under the eyes – someone has dark purple, someone – paler, but unpleasant and uncomfortable equally.

The skin around the eyes always gives a woman’s age, and in many cases and visually enhances it. This is due to the fact that it is very thin, has a slight thickness of subcutaneous fat layer, and because of our vigorous facial expressions undergoes compression and tension, perhaps to a greater extent than other areas of the face skin. For this reason, eye wrinkles appear quickly, and many women have dark circles under the eyes. Even if you are not worried about wrinkles, as they are visible only near, the black eyes spoil the appearance considerably.

How to appear in public in such an unfavorable view? If there were dark circles under your eyes, how to get rid of this trouble quickly? A good starting point to find out the cause of their appearance, because some circles can be easily removed by simple lotions or masks at home, but others may be the result of serious internal diseases and disappear only after treatment by a doctor. So let’s find out the causes of dark circles.

dark circles causes

Dark Circles Causes

The skin around the eyes – a kind of barometer of the processes that occur within the body. If you find yourself black eyes, their causes must be sought in the lifestyle that you lead, or those diseases from which you are suffering. What they can testify?

1. Unhealthy Lifestyle

If you’ve found the next morning dark circles under the eyes in the mirror, it is time to look for reasons in own behavior:

  • lack of sleep;
  • if you smoke and you have any dark circles under the eyes – a consequence of nicotine passion;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • permanent job with a computer;
  • unhealthy diet (lack of vitamins, passion salty and spicy food);
  • overwork, stress, chronic fatigue, nervous stress.

If the consequence of poor lifestyle choices have become dark circles under eyes, how to get rid of them? Everything at your fingertips: normalize food and sleep, take a couple of masks – and soon your skin will be fresh and healthy.

2. Diseases:

  • thyroid problems;
  • allergic reactions;
  • If dark circles are regular and resemble real bruises under his eyes, the reason for this phenomenon may be due to severe kidney disease or liver disease;
  • disturbances in the cardiovascular system.

What to do in this case, and how to remove dark circles under his eyes testifying to the disease? In this case, only a doctor can help.

3. Other Factors

If you lead a healthy lifestyle and are not sick, but from time to time observed at the bruises under your eyes, the reason may be different:

  • heredity;
  • side effects of medicaments;
  • of age.

If that’s how you’ve spent the previous evening, dark circles under the eyes can be easily removed. If the reason is not functioning or disease of an organ, get rid of them can help a doctor and timely treatment.

home remedies for dark circle

Dark Circles: Elimination Methods

If you are tormented by the question, how to get rid of bruises under your eyes, if they are almost chronic and appear regularly, you will help modern cosmetology.

1. Modern Methods:

  • lipofilling – filling under eye hollows with the patient’s own fat or restylane;
  • microcurrent therapy – venous drainage, lymphatic drainage, reducing hyperpigmentation;
  • laser;
  • professional massage;
  • mesotherapy.

2. Folk Remedies

To folk remedies to get rid of this scourge are all sorts of masks and lotions made from natural ingredients that are always on hand and provide fast and comfortable removal of bruises under your eyes, if not the reason for their appearance is in the deep diseases of your body. Ten minutes will be spent on the preparation of masks, 20 minutes – for the procedure.

Result will please you immediately:

  • dark circles become much lighter or disappear altogether;
  • tighten skin around the eyes;
  • crow’s feet smoothed;
  • become natural color and shining;
  • will be a feeling of ease and comfort: the eyes will feel rested.

Try to use such masks regularly – and the skin around the eyes glows with health and beauty.

home remedies for dark circle

Home Remedies for Dark Circle

Masks and lotions on the eye, made at home, will help to quickly remove dark circles under the eyes and make the skin radiant and clean. Means better pre-wrap in a single layer gauze and put on closed eyes for 20 minutes.

  • 1. Potato Mask 

Mashed potatoes (2 tablespoons) diluted with warm milk (tablespoon). Potatoes – a popular, time-tested remedy for bruises under your eyes, which acts quickly and surely.

One potato grate take two teaspoons of pulp and mix with a teaspoon of olive oil (can be other vegetable). The mixture was imposed under the eyes and wash off after 20 minutes of brewed tea, half diluted with water.

  • 2. Curd Mask 

Cottage cheese with a high content of fat knead, add a few drops of black tea infuser.

  • 3. Tea Lotion 

Strong brew of black tea wrapped in gauze. You can use dipped in boiling water and the cooled tea bags. Tea without a trace removes blue circles under the eyes, the causes of which lie in the lack of sleep or fatigue.

  • 4. Nourishing Mask 

Chopped walnuts in a blender (two teaspoons) mixed with butter, previously melted (tablespoon) and pomegranate juice (a few drops). Pomegranate juice can be replaced by lemon.

  • 5. Cucumber Mask 

Finely grated cucumber mixed with chopped parsley and sour cream. All the ingredients to take in equal amounts. This miraculous mask without a trace eliminate dark circles under the eyes, the causes of which are caused by poor diet or sleep disorders.

  • 6. Creamy Mask 

Melted soft butter (two teaspoons) mixed with chopped parsley (tablespoon).

  • 7. Herbal Ice 

Brewed sage or chamomile cool, strain, pour into molds and leave in the freezer. Herbal ice cubes will be easy to remove circles under the eyes, the cause of which is fatigue.

  • 8. Cornflower Lotion 

Boil dry flowers cornflower and impose on the area under the eyes gauze soaked in the infusion.

  • 9. Bread Mask 

Slice of white bread to soak in warm milk.

  • 10. Flower Mask 

Fresh flowers hollyhocks in cold milk to moisten.

  • 11. Yogurt and Honey

These products are well removed dark circles under the eyes. Need to take them a little, mix well and put a lot of under eyes for 20 minutes and then gently rinse. If you do this before going to bed, in the morning your dark circles under the eyes are practically invisible.

Every woman needs to understand that the dark circles under the eyes, once discovered in the mirror – it’s a signal the body that need to change their way of life or undergo screening for diseases.