Trichologist’s Advices against Hair Falling Out


  • If We Have Hair Falling Out, What Does It Mean?
  • How Long Can Female Hair Loss Be?
  • What Treatments Do Trichologists Advise To Patients?
  • Is There A Cure Against Hair Falling Out?

Trichology is the science of hair, deals with all matters related to their life and growth. Accordingly, trichologist is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of hair diseases. This trend in medicine and cosmetology has extensive experience long time ago.

Beautiful lush hair is an indicator not only of good care and good health of your body. Trichologist tips will be equally useful for both men and women. Here are the answers to our questions.

If We Have Hair Falling Out, What Does It Mean?

It’s no secret that there is a rate of hair loss, it is up to 100 units per day. If you lose them many times more, you should see a trichologist, who will establish the cause. The most common cause of hair loss are:

  • Hormonal disorders in the body (termination of pregnancy, lactation, since the use of some contraceptives, after taking hormonal drugs);
  • Serious illness, as well as radiation and chemotherapy;
  • Vitamin deficiency associated with seasonality or after severe low-calorie diets;
  • Active influence on the hair UV radiation and temperature extremes. Use of hair dryers and irons;
  • Frequent washing and other mechanical damage (bad combing combs, the use of metal pins and rubber bands for hair);
  • Frequent dyeing and perms without the use of protective masks and balms.

How Long Can Female Hair Loss Be?

This is a temporary hair falling out, and with proper diagnosis and treatment, you will be able in 6 months to turn them to their healthy appearance. If you just do not pay attention to their problems, the loss may develop into a chronic female hair loss. It seriously affect the appearance, that will bring you additional stress, and thus complicate treatment.

What Treatments Do Trichologists Advise To Patients

What Treatments Do Trichologists’ Advise?

The very first thing is to correctly diagnose and choose treatment. It medicines, vitamins and minerals that the doctor will prescribe to treat the body against female hair loss.

To be effective, the treatment we offer hardware cosmetology. It is carried out in the centers under the supervision of a physician trichologist.

Such therapy includes:

  • Vacuum massage of the head, which is based on the “training” of hair follicles, which improves the microcirculation of the blood vessels of the head;
  • Micro-current therapy also stimulates the growth of hair excellently;
  • Electrophoresis is very popular in the clinics of physiotherapy;
  • Laser therapy which is based on treating the root of the cold laser is effective means against hair falling out. At home, women use a laser comb, but in clinics there are more powerful and efficient equipment.

Is There A Cure Against Hair Falling Out?

Universal means does not exist. You can buy shampoo, you can make a mask. But my advice is to treat hair rightly. If you follow the simple rules, risk of hair falling out will decrease significantly. I would also note that this is not a temporary treatment and permanent procedure.


  • 1. In order for us to be healthy, we need to full nutrition: it vitamins, micro and macro elements and other important substances for the life of the organism. There are main vitamins for your hair. These are vitamins A, B vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B6, B8, B9 and B12), vitamins C, E and PP. There developed a daily diet that includes foods that contain these nutrients and vitamins.

So, our favorite diets, which allow us a short time to get a result, killing our hair, nails and skin. Vitamins and minerals that we also limit in the daily diet, struggling with excess calories, require compensation in the coming time.

  • 2. The daily procedure, such as combing, must pass at least 3-4 times a day. It is especially important to use natural and well-crafted wooden combs. Practice aromatherapy combing, in which you can add more nutrition and a massage. This vitamin may be added to the oil solutions of various plants.

Pay attention to the structure of your hair. Long hair always comb from the middle to the ends, and then to get to the roots. In the evening, massage your hair with special massage brush. This massage – an excellent sedative before bed.

Never brush your hair while they are wet. Be sure to rinse the shampoo balm or a plant solution that will facilitate the process of combing. Give your hair extra oxygen. Use any opportunity to comb in the fresh air.

hair falling out

  • 3. Properly wash your hair. Trichologists say that everyday hair washing can also serve as the beginning of the disease. The first suffers a protective layer which is destroyed by the water. The head does not have time to produce sebum, which serves this protection. Hair becomes dull, dry and does not receive the necessary vitamins and nutrition, is needed across the length and tips.

Do not confuse the hair, all movement when washing should be smooth with a light massage. It is advisable to wash their pre-comb. Use a shampoo that is specifically designed for frequent washing, as part of which will have all the necessary nutrition and protection. To this can be added to the base shampoo vitamins and oils in a proportion of usually 100 ml per 3-4 drops of a nutrition.

  • 4. Particular attention would like to draw to the hair care using medical means. This procedure is not a cure, rather it is prevention. As to your body, you give extra food, massage, air, sleep, and your hair is in need of courtship. And it should be a system in your life. What advice does give trichologist?

Hair massage before washing, using masks. The basis of the masks can be conventional foods (honey, onions, yogurt, milk, oatmeal, brandy). And base oils for hair (olive, sunflower, burdock, flax), aromatic oils for different hair types and vitamins designed to increase and strengthen the hair. This is a great preventative tool to strengthen and protect them from falling out.

Use the mask before washing the head to lengthy procedures (up to 12 hours), designed to strengthen and protect your hair against external damage.

A very effective means ia a shampoo and conditioner, which will be made by yourself at home. You will be able to protect the locks from harmful chemical additives, which contains shampoo from the store. Its structure can enter various nutrients, including vitamins.

We recommend to maintain the natural beauty of hair using henna, chamomile, oak bark, yarrow and other vegetable plants. This can all be used as decoctions for rinsing, adding vitamins and oils in water. Folk remedies for this tested for centuries.

  • 5. The hair also needs protection from the sun and cold, as well as throughout our body. Do not forget that, being exposed to UVR exposure and frost, unclosed hair become brittle, lose their color and shine.
  • 6. Buying shampoo, conditioner, mask or other ready means of hair care products, pay attention to the composition. We do not need chemicals. We need carotene, vitamins and minerals, which will care for and protect each hair on our head.
  • 7. Beautiful hair color is not always a gift of nature. We can no longer imagine life without colors, that help us to look in a special way. Trichologist advises when painting:
  1. Use the coloring agent in which no ammonia;
  2. Paint the hair when they are fat. Sebum, which stands around the hair, serves as protection and keep the roots of the staining;
  3. The coloring shampoo can replace the paint, that has no harmful substances;
  4. Be sure to use the mask after staining, which will help to restore the hair structure after the procedure;
  5. Add to shampoo special oils and vitamins to strengthen and protect.
  6. The same goes for a perm. Better use of means for curling bio that contains fewer chemicals, and, consequently, less harm.
  • 8. Take care of yourself, play sports, sleep well, walk in the fresh air. Vitamins of group B – it is the food of our nervous system and major vitamins for hair. Subjecting yourself to stress and feelings, we hurt your hair. And no shampoo, no balm can not make up for the shortage of this product quickly.

In the fight against female hair loss and maintaining a healthy balance, all the means and tips are good. Whatever you choose, or vitamins, or enhanced nutrition, or physical therapy, always remember – the hair of everybody, as well as the body, have their own characteristics. Therefore, treatment is always individual. Do not forget about your hair types. Do not forget about the systematic procedures. Discipline and rules of hair care products will bring you the desired result. You are sure to be beautiful and healthy.