Top Fat Burning Foods: Let Nature Helps You


  • Oat Broth is One of Top Fat Burning Foods
  • Home Remedies for Fat Burning with Cabbage
  • Decoction for Fat Burning with Parsley

There are many ways to enhance the effectiveness of the diet. To pounds gone as soon as possible, experts advise to complement a proper diet not only with exercise, but also taking all kinds of dietary supplements, concoctions for weight loss and body-shaping treatments.

From taking the dubious medicines that reduce appetite, should be abandoned. Nothing is better than the old proven method of weight loss: such as right nutrition, exercise and herbal teas, speeds up the metabolism. So far, nothing new has been invented.

Admission concoctions based on fat-burning herbs and plants are absolutely safe. Ingredients for fat burning concoctions easy to find at any drugstore and supermarket. To prepare a miracle “potion” is easy, but the effect of these drinks is simply stunning.

Depending on the methods of influence on the body home remedies for fat burning are divided into cleansing and stimulating. In addition to the most basic recipes, which consist of one ingredient, there are multi-component mixtures of herbs, seeds, roots and inflorescences, mixing them you can obtain high level in fat burning home remedies. Somebody may be afraid of complicated recipes. So, we give simple recepies to prepare, but they are no less effective.

Oat Broth is One of Top Fat Burning Foods

 top fat burning foods

Oat Broth is One of Top Fat Burning Foods

Oats is a plant of the family of cereals. The list of its beneficial properties is huge. Oat has long used not only for cooking various dishes, but also for medicinal purposes. Due to the high concentrations of beta-glucan, this plant has a cleansing effect on the body. Once scientists have identified stimulating properties of the enzymes contained in oats for intestinal motility, it firmly took the leading position in the list of the top fat burning foods.

  • Oats helps for other food to be absorbed better, and gives a feeling of satiety for a long time.
  • Cereal broth has a rejuvenating effect and helps to normalize the acidity of the stomach.

If you do not eat buns and cakes, in general, with the help of the course “oat therapy”, you can lose 6 to 10 kg of overweight. Some people managed to get rid of 15 kg.

  • Recipe of Oatmeal Broth

Two cups of oats should be thoroughly rinsed under running water. To prepare the fat burning drink you can buy regular oats. Better, of course, to buy oats, which is packaged in hermetically sealed packaging and is intended solely for human consumption.

Washed grains are poured with one liter of cold water, and allowed to stand for twelve hours. After oats with water is poured into an enamel pan, bring to a boil, cover and leave on very low heat to cook a couple of hours.

After the oats has boiled 1.5-2 hours, it is removed from the heat and grind maximum. Better even wipe the grains through a sieve. The resulting slurry was mixed with the remaining liquid and then bring to a boil. After that, it is necessary to remove from the heat and leave under the lid to infuse for half an hour.

The cooled broth can be poured into a jar and store in refrigerator. If the taste is unpleasant, you can add lemon juice and a little of honey. But add a honey to already cooled liquid. The course lasts from 10 days to a month. Broth should drink half a glass before each main meal, pre-heating it.

home remedies for fat burning

Oat Broth is One of Top Fat Burning Foods

Home Remedies for Fat Burning with Cabbage

If you do not have problems with flatulence, you can lose weight with the help of decoctions of cabbage. Broth with cabbage is known home remedies for fat burning. Cabbage contains a record amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Due to the content of enzymes that stimulate gastrointestinal tract via cabbage can effectively purify harmful organism from undigested food residues. Nutritionists promise that if every day to drink a decoction of cabbage, within three months a man can lose weight 15-20 kg.

  • Recipe of Cabbage Broth

Head cabbage must be cut in half, removing only the first layer of the upper leaves. It is not necessary to cut a stalk. Vegetable must be filled with water at a ratio of 1:5. After boiling, cook the cabbage for 15-20 minutes. Salt or spices can not be added. Strain the liquid – and the broth is ready! Take a chilled drink every day before going to bed.

Decoction for Fat Burning with Parsley

Parsley is useful in any form, and as a complement to fresh salads and as a seasoning. It is very rich in nutrients. Supplementing your diet meals with parsley, you will not only enrich their taste, but also stimulate the body to fight obesity. Due to the diuretic effect of parsley broth will help bring the body of excess fluid and remove puffiness.

  • Recipe of Parsley Broth

To prepare a decoction is very easy: take a big bunch of greens and finely chop the leaves and the stem. Leave parsley for a while, so it let the juice. If you do not have time, you can skip through the grinder. Then should fill it with very hot water, and heat for 10-12 minutes.

Course of detox with parsley continues 14 days. Broth is needed to drink cooled with intervals for two hours every day. Even if you stick to the rules of a healthy diet, you can increase the efficiency of fat burning with this broth. Over the course every seventh day make light from other food. During these days, choose one of the favorite health food (buckwheat porridge, yogurt, apples) and eat only it.