Tips to Lose Weight Fast and How Not to Lose Hair

So, the crucial moment in your life came, and you just want to lose weight quickly and look great. Is it possible to combine these desires. If yes, then tips to lose weight fast and stay nice.

Woman’s appearance is composed not only of the completeness of the figures, but also the beauty of hair, nails, skin color. General sense of self, which can be expressed in the phrase “a great look” just the sum of all these above-mentioned components. And the beauty of the hair, their shine and silkiness play an important role.

Thus, the abrupt changes in the daily diet can lead to irreversible consequences sometimes.

What to Eat to Lose Weight Fast

tips to lose weight fast

Tips to Lose Weight Fast and How Not to Lose Hair

If you really have to starve yourself to lose weight quickly by 3 kg, you need to think how not to lose hair during this process.

  • Enrich your diet with vitamins, eat more fruits, dairy and fish. Kefir diet helps you perfect. Fish diet is also excellent to weight loss and to support necessary balance of vitamins and minerals in your body. That vitamins D and A are responsible for the shine and softness of hair and nails. You can choose low-fat fish, steamed in the oven. Use for garnish vegetables and low-calorie cereal.

Of course, milk and its derivatives are simply vital needed. We must understand that the gastro – intestinal tract is also experiencing stress, and any violations within the bowel necessarily lead to changes in the color of the skin. So to lose weight quickly will help the milk diet.

  • Of course, if you can not give up the sweet, the beautiful shape, rapid weight loss and long strong hair could remain only in your imagination. Sugar creates an environment in the gut fermentation, increases the level of glucose in the blood, as well as the likelihood of acne on your face. According to this, it is necessary to have patience and firmness through this important period in your life, the more that, in the end, in life, there are other fine pleasures, except sweets or cakes.

Also, for a full exchange of substances in the body should drink plenty of water throughout the day. The amount of liquid, what you drink for a whole day, should be at least 2 litres. Moreover, mineral water must be, in any case, not carbonated, you should drink a little and often. Possible to replace the water not strong green tea without sugar. With water, you can normalize your metabolism, lead slag, saturate the skin and your hair with moisture. Also the water will create additionally a feeling of satiety, which is completely necessary during rapid weight loss.

  • Additionally, you can strengthen your hair with masks of burdock oil. Hair will be shiny and crumbly, of course, if you have not too oily scalp.

So, the only balance-diet can lead you to the goal, where you will be the most tempting and nice in the mirror.