The First Menstrual Period: How to Avoid Worries?


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No technical progress and the ability to deal with iPhones can not keep a modern girl from the difficulties of growing up and maturing of her body. Mark is also the first menstrual period natural cause fear, anxiety, and a million questions. The undoubted advantage of this day is that the answers to all your questions, you can just read the article on the Internet.

When starting menstruation in girls, and it’s such a misfortune? This is the first question that arises at the time of puberty, a teenager, and even earlier. Any medical encyclopedia gives an exhaustive answer to the so-called phenomenon of menarche, or first menstruation. This is one of the turning points in the development of the female body, which means that the body is already preparing the girls to the process of reproduction, that is, the possibility of having children. Approximate age when advancing the first month of the girl – it is 12-14 years. However, this is not mandatory, since depending on the rate of development, food, living conditions (including environmental and city), first menstrual period may come in 10 years, and may “linger” to the 15th anniversary.

The First Menstrual Period

Menarche most often preceded by a minor, but the monthly pain in the abdomen, as well as breast enlargement. Then begin to appear characteristic spotting, which can be both at once abundant, and at first very scarce. The exact answer to the question of how many days are the first menstruation, can not give any doctor, so the process is different. Someone lucky and monthly will be only two or three days, someone process may take up to 8 days.

The exact number of days, as does the menstrual cycle (ie the number of days from one month to the other), established not at once. It takes at least a year and a half before the time menstruation will occur through a more or less regular intervals. Therefore girlish fears during a long break after the first menstrual period is not justified. This “strange” behavior of the organism does not mean anything. But if two years after the onset of menstruation cycle has not been established, it is necessary to tell a female doctor.

Whether to Tell about First Menstrual Period

For the girls, which were first menstrual period, this period in life can be very disturbing. Not every mother can properly prepare the daughter to a new period of life, and not every child will be able to talk openly with her mother when it starts to happen “something strange”. Despite the advancement of modern teenagers and the ability to locate information on the network, many of the girls noticed vaginal bleeding, they think ill or get injured and not notice it.

Menstrual Period

The First Menstrual Period: How to Avoid Worries?

Many days can hide what is happening to them and mentally “prepare for death.” High on that solved the girls – to consult with her friends, girlfriends and head are also often full of myths and prejudices that do not correspond to reality. Simple frank conversation with my mom (and dad even if the mother is not far or she) will help to cope with uncertainty and fear.

Another important reason to seek help from her mother – is the inability to use the sanitary facilities. If you like to use the girls lining can “spy” in commercials, with the tampon is much more complicated. Teach them the right to use, it can only be an experienced man.

Now Everything is Possible

The first month – it is a limit when a girl becomes a woman, but still far from a woman. Many young people believe that once the onset of menstruation, it can (and should) start immediately and the boy begin to master the science of sex. Of course, this is not so. At least up to 15-16 years, the body continues to rebuild.

But if a girl “freshly baked”, she should remember that even at an irregular menstrual cycle, she can get pregnant, despite her young age. According to statistics the youngest mother most was barely 11 years old! So before you become “adult” should visit the doctor and pick up the necessary pills (contraceptive), and it is useful to learn about other ways of protection, including against infectious diseases