The Best Remedies for Dry Skin: how to prevent dry facial skin?


  • What Causes Dry Facial Skin
  • How to Prevent Dry Facial Skin
  • Best Way to Treat Dry Skin
  • Best Remedies for Dry Skin

Most of the beautiful half of humanity is suffering from dry skin, which is followed by desquamation and unpleasant sensation of tightness. How to ensure your skin maximum of hydration and eliminate undesirable effects of dry skin? There are all possible creams and cosmetics, there are miraculous mask for dry skin, which may well be made at home.

So, how to escape from moisture loss and provide appropriate care facial skin?

What Causes Dry Facial Skin

The causes of dry facial skin can be vast. The main ones are:

  • incorrect operation of the sebaceous glands;
  • age-related changes;
  • various diseases: gastrointestinal tract, nervous system;
  • often dry facial skin can be triggered by a lack of vitamins;
  • prolonged exposure to the sun;
  • frequent peeling;
  • frequent washing hot , chlorinated water and soap.

It is desirable to know what exactly triggered dry your skin to direct all forces and means to eliminate the causes. Be able to get rid of it – and the skin will no longer be dry.

How to Prevent Dry Facial Skin?

best remedies for dry skin

You need the appropriate care for dry skin, which will help mitigate adverse effects of dryness. The care rules say:

  • wash your face only in the evenings, if you wash away the fat accumulated during the night from your face in the morning, the skin will lose the protective barrier and will be subjected to undesirable external influences;
  • water temperature, which is necessary to wash should be room temperature;
  • better wash with the water supernatant, or filtered water, or cooled water after boiling;
  • use morning and night moisturizers, tonics, lotions;
  • 2 times a week, use special masks for moisturizing;
  • carefully choose cosmetics: none of them shall not contain alcohol, which will dry the skin even more.

If you regularly follow these simple tips, facial skin will receive adequate moisture and dryness problem will be minimized.

Best Way to Treat Dry Skin

Modern cosmetology actively solve the problem of dry skin. There are a number of cosmetic procedures that are recommended for dry skin. You can also use the popular, time-tested, methods.

1. Cosmetic Procedures

  • hot compress is an effective cosmetic procedure, which dilates blood vessels, pores, improves circulation and warms the skin, removes dust and dead cells; the evaporation of water from the skin stops the horny layer swells – dry skin becomes soft, soft and supple;
  • if you have dry, sensitive skin of the face, use a saline cleaning;
  • chemical and mechanical exfoliation that removes dead skin cells, renewing skin;
  • collagen mask moisturizes, tightens and tones;
  • facial massage improves blood circulation, removes old cells , improves the complexion.

2. Procedures at Home

  • hot compress: terry towel in the form of strip; dip it in hot water and put on face for 20 minutes (the water temperature should be such that do not burn), it increases blood flow, relaxes muscles, removes dust from the skin;
  • herbal steam bath: the boiling broth of herbs (eg. chamomile) in a saucepan put on the table, leans over her head and covered with a towel for 10 minutes, then rinse your face with cold water and rub lotion.

Only the woman by herself can decide what will suit for her dry skin more: beauty parlor or home procedures.

Best Remedies for Dry Skin

best remedies for dry skin

Masks from Fruit and Vegetables

Which of the folk remedies are the most effective in dealing with dry skin?

  • all sorts of masks from herbs (chamomile, calendula), fruits, vegetables, dairy products, which are easy to cook at home;
  • mode water consumption: per 1 kg of your body weight per day need to consume 30 grams of water in small portions;
  • fish oil and vitamins A, E, in any form;
  • purchase a home-humidifier.

However, the most effective means are cooked at home masks for dry skin that are so easy to use.

Dry facial skin: the effects of homemade masks

What to expect from the action of home-made masks?

  • Moisturize: such masks retain maximum moisture to the skin, thereby normalizing the water balance.
  • Smoothing: wrinkles are aligned , the skin becomes smooth and even.
  • Restoring elasticity.
  • Rejuvenation: the aging process slows down significantly.

Homemade masks are good that in the naturalness of their ingredients no doubt: you know, from what they are made. No chemicals in their composition do not harm your skin. Natural constituents of such masks restore the water balance. If it is in normal, the skin looks well-groomed, smooth, matte, without scaly spots.

To mask the result was obvious, you need to follow the recipes of preparing exactly.

Dry Facial Skin: Recipes Masks

best way to treat dry skin

Recipes masks very much, and all quite effectively moisturize dry skin. Choose for yourself that recipe that will not give you a hassle in terms of ingredients and preparation.

1. Mustard Mask

Dry mustard (teaspoon) mixed with vegetable oil ( ablespoon) and diluted with water to a mushy state. Keep the mask on your face no more than 5 minutes, rinse with warm water. Be careful with eyes! After it is recommended to use any cream for dry skin, you usually use.

2. Curd Mask

Curd (tablespoon) mixed with liquid beforehand warmed honey (a teaspoon). Dilute with warm milk and make a mask for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

3. Mask with Oils

Olive oil to warm, moisten a cotton swab in it and apply on face. Mask stand for about 30 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

4. Herbal Mask

Mix equal amounts of the following herbs :

  • hop cones;
  • blackberry leaves;
  • strawberry leaves;
  • daisy;
  • yarrow.

Herbs (tablespoon) pour boiling water (cup) and leave for 20 minutes. Next infusion mixed with apple juice ( tablespoon), honey (a teaspoon) and egg yolk. Overlay mask for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

5. Mask with Mint

Mint leaves (2 tablespoons) pour boiling water (cup), put on fire (3 minutes), cool and filter. Warm mask put on face for 15 minutes. Better to take off the mask with a cotton swab dipped in warm water.

6. Oatmeal Mask

This mask is especially recommended for those who have very dry skin face up to peeling. Cereals tablespoon) filled with hot milk (4 tablespoons), insist 10 minutes. Mask is valid for 15 minutes and washed off with warm water.

7. Mask of Lettuce

Lettuce (2 large sheets) chop, mix with olive oil (a teaspoon) and sour cream (a teaspoon). Impose on the face for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

8. Mask of Daisies

Pharmacy daisy (2 tablespoons) pour boiling water (cup), let it brew for a couple of hours. Infusion (2 tablespoons) mixed with butter (tablespoon). Facial mask stand for 20 minutes and remove with a cotton swab dipped in warm water.

9. Mask with Apple

Apple midsize grate, previously peel its skin and seeds. Mix with olive oil (2 teaspoons), applied for 20 minutes on your face, rinse with warm water.

10. Mask with Cucumber

Small cucumber chop (better grate), mixed with cream (1 teaspoon) and lemon juice (4 drops). Apply the mask on your face for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

If by nature you have a dry skin face, the reply is simple. Use our tips for the care of this type of skin and cook a few recipes at home. And in a very short time you will see a nice skin on your face, what will lift your mood.

Be beautiful, take care of yourself!