Temperature 37 Lasts a Week. Time for Alarm?


  • Possible Causes of Fever
  • The Good Sides of Temperature
  • Your Temperature Can Mean

If your body is in a state of “wadded weightlessness” and the temperature is kept for a week, it is necessary to find out the reason why you were in such a deplorable state! Do not panic and urgently ring up the nearest hospitals, calling a team of resuscitators. But here you need to analyze the causes of the temperature. And even then you can go to a local therapist with a calm conscience.

Possible Causes of Fever

If temperature rises to 37? It lasts for several days and at the same time her croakers become coughing, a runny nose and unpleasant sensations in the throat – there are symptoms of acute respiratory disease! Urgently cook cranberry or cowberry mors, brew delicious and healthy tea, put your body on a pillow, enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

  • If, together with the temperature, unpleasant bubbles in the stomach have come, as a result of which the food around you provokes only a wild disgust, and pastime means for you the occupation of the toilet, then there is an intestinal infection. Perhaps, it is thanks to her that the temperature lasts for several days.

Elevated body temperature can be evidence of a psychogenic effect on the consciousness of surrounding objects and phenomena. This results in intense experiences, fears and anxieties, which can become provocateurs of a morbid condition.

  • It may also happen that the temperature does not subside because of the typical fever that foretold the often exotic illness brought from abroad. Do not panic, this situation is difficult to fix. But what is required in reality is to urgently appeal to an infectious disease specialist, who will prescribe for you the passage of tests and other methods for diagnosing a morbid condition.

In addition, a constant temperature of 37 may indicate congenital or acquired hyperthermia, the cause of which will help identify a qualified specialist.

  • The cause may be the presence of chronic bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic infections, among which there may be toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis, syphilis and even the HIV-infection virus.

Call a prolonged temperature can and malignant neoplasm – a tumor. It is better to protect yourself immediately and to exclude the possibility of confirming these options to see a doctor. You will be sent for laboratory tests and to the oncologist’s office.

  • It also happens that the week 37 temperature does not subside due to autoimmune changes. It is also worthwhile to pay a visit to the hospital and check for deviations in the work of the main body systems: exclude the possibility of rheumatoid conditions, changes in hormonal balance and thyroid disorders.
Possible Causes of Fever

Temperature 37 Lasts a Week. Time for Alarm

The Good Sides of Temperature

If you feel fine, and the temperature of 37 lasts a week or more, it is quite possible that this is your usual condition. The temperature within the limits of the norm is considered to be from 35, 7 to 37.2 degrees. In any case, this temperature is not recommended to be knocked down, and to be honest – there is nothing to knock down. It is not necessary to seek help from pharmaceutics and its heat-knocking miracle drugs. The body must fight this disease (provided that it is not complicated by anything) independently.

Your Temperature Can Mean

In addition to the clearly negative values ​​of the temperature, 37 there are also positive values. So, the cause of fever may be … pregnancy! Determine this will help test or blood test. In such a state, a similar temperature can accompany you and for nine months of bearing the fetus. The role here can be played as individual reactions of the body to the state of pregnancy, as well as the acquired symptoms of ARVI. Appointment of self-treatment in such cases is fraught with consequences, and therefore safely go to the local doctor-gynecologist or pharmacist – to the pharmacist for a consultation – he will pick up the medication you need, if necessary.