Sweaty Feet: How to Get Rid of Bad Smell?


  • Cause and Effect of Sweaty Feet
  • Home-Made Treatments of Sweaty Feet
  • In the Winter Need Prevention!

In our life there is different stuff, which kind of attention and do not pay, but that’s just they can spoil a decent daily life … But what to do with it is not always clear. Especially when it comes to sensitive issues, which are difficult to admit, and its second half, not that doctor and friends. For example, when the unpleasant smell of sweat and feet, despite regular hygiene and clean socks. Forget and the “score”? Or you can still find a way out of this foul-smelling situation?

Cause and Effect of Sweaty Feet

In principle, the process of sweating our feet – is quite natural and logical, especially in hot weather. However, if some think of the powders and sprays against sweat only during intense exercise, then some people have feet sweat and smell permanently. Continuous and excessive sweating is not just spoil the mood, and the air around, but it may even be the cause of social “exile.” After all, not every company is so tolerant people who are ready to become a voluntary sacrifice odor.

Sweaty Feet

Sweaty Feet: How to Get Rid of Bad Smell?

The cause odor – in the activity of bacteria that are “live” on our feet and clothes. When sweating they receive new food and environment for breeding and activity. The causes of excessive sweating of feet can be objective and physical factors – heat, exercise, too hot shoes, excessive fluid intake, a large consumption of salty and spicy food, etc. But beyond that there are psychological factors – stress, fear or other strong emotions (love, excitement, etc…). More rare cases, excessive sweating is caused by diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine systems, or local diseases of the feet themselves, such as a simple mold.

To find out the true cause of hyperhidrosis can only dermatologist. It must be done carefully in the case where not only the feet sweat, but there are other signs of morbid state foot: swollen skin, cracks or wrinkles, hypersensitivity, the occurrence of point abscesses etc

Home-Made Treatments of Sweaty Feet

In the case when other signs are not observed, and only excessive sweating of feet, you can try to deal with it folk remedies and thorough care of the feet.

For example, the national method recommended at night wear socks in which sprinkled with chopped straw, dry grass or powdered oak bark. Another way to reduce sweating of the feet – to wipe the feet and toes with fresh birch leaves after wash feet. Also against the constantly sweaty feet to help warm bath of broth oak bark or lemon juice. In principle, almost any plant containing a tannin, help to reduce sweating of the feet.

You can also try to solve this problem by using insoles made of birch bark or make “powder” from boric acid (easy to crush the crystals of boric acid powder obtained daily foot powder).

And what if the feet perspire heavily, and there is no time to experiment with traditional medicine? Then come to the aid of drugs and powders. The main tool in the fight against sweaty feet – pasta Teymurova. It should be applied to dry skin of the feet rubbing movements each night for 4-5 days. Then take a short break and repeat, if the smell did not disappear until the end.

Doctors also recommend a variety of antibacterial ointments and powders. For example, 20% AlCl3, which inhibits the vital functions of bacteria. Other means – iontophoresis treatment (physiotherapy), which blocks the release of the feet sweat at all. However, this only under medical supervision procedure can be carried out.

It does not interfere in the struggle for dry feet common use antiperspirant or powder. The only feature that they need to use the “overnight”, but not before actually leaving the house.

In the Winter Need Prevention!

Many feel normal if your feet sweat a lot in the summer and begin to “sound the alarm” only when, and in the cold season legs sweating is not reduced. Why sweat the feet in the winter in normal shoes and regular care? Increased sweating feet in winter, as well as the temperature (cold feet) – signs of serious problems within the body. This may be due to impaired metabolism, and problems with the pressure. If prevention fails, optional trip to the doctor.

In general, classic preventive measures against excessive sweating of the feet are relevant and in the heat, and cold. So do not forget about the daily washing of the feet with warm water (it is possible with the addition of potassium permanganate drops), fresh socks, as well as deodorants or powders.