Super Shampoo for Making Hair Grow Faster

Every woman wants to have thick and beautiful hair. But unfortunately, not every one has it. Perhaps, it is because of the fashion of “ironed” hair or simple everyday usage of hair driers.

We know that every day we naturally lose about 100 hairs and that new ones have to grow at their place. What does it take to grow hair on time and healthy?

  • Firstly, a healthy diet with minerals and vitamins, not only fats and carbohydrates.
  • Secondly, the hair masks and lotions help very quick to achieve the desired result.
shampoo for making hair grow faster

Super Shampoo for Making Hair Grow Faster with Mumio

Today I propose one very simle and very popular recipe from russian women what is constantly used the last time. This shampoo for making hair grow faster takes minimum time and give the maximum effect to rebuilt and regrow your damaged hair.

It is based on Mumio (Mumijo). It is a dark brown to blackish resinous natural substance wild harvested from the Tian Shan Mountains tha lie in the border region of Kyrgyzstan and of western China.

Mumio is one of the most valuable supplements, as documented over hundreds of years. It is a unique mixture of biologically active substances created by nature. The unique combination of organic and inorganic compounds included in its composition give mumio numerous healing properties.

Mumio as a dietary supplement is known in eastern medicine for over 3000 years.

In its original substance, Mumijo contains more than 80 different micro- and macro elements, more than 10 essential amino acids as well as different vitamins:

shampoo for making hair grow faster

Super Shampoo for Making Hair Grow Faster with Mumio

Take 10 pills of mumio and dilute them in your regular shampoo for hair (it will be dark).

When you wash your hair, use this shampoo as usual. Whip the foam and sit with her 3-5 minutes to mumio affects the hair roots.

Mumio rebuilt your hair surely: it will become more healthy, shiny, strong and even thick.