Super Acne Homemade Face Mask

Girls, today I tell the unique recipe that I found in the vast Russian internet, for people suffering of acne.

Try to do a course that’s such an effective mask for the face –

HARD FACE CLEANSING with Cinnamon Acne Homemade Face Mask

Super effect! Marks from acne, pimples pass from face.

Matt complexion and smooth nice surface of skin come back!

You will take to prepare this effective mask: 1 TeaS of cinnamon and 2 TabS of honey.

Thoroughly mix honey plus cinnamon. Apply this mask on problem face, after fifteen min., rinse with boiled water with room temperature.

Do 2 times in course of this week. Month of cleansing will allow you to forget acne and black spots on skin.

There is only thing – is the allergic to bee products!