Yogurt Mask for Stopping Hair Loss Naturally

The third mask for stopping hair loss naturally is made from yogurt/kefir.

This hair mask stimulates the growth of new, healthy hair, which also starts to grow on bald head effectively.

As for me I used this mask constantly for my hair. To read about the other my favourite masks to stop hair loss you can here and here.

3) My third hait mask stimulates the growth of new, healthy hair, effectively restores lost hair.

For its preparation take:

– Half a cup of yogurt;

– Add 1 egg;

– 1 teaspoon cocoa powder.

All the ingredients should be thoroughly mixed and spread of the hair roots. Let a little dry, then spread again.

Take three to four approaches to use all of the mixture. After that, put on a warming cap and keep for 20-25 minutes.

Recommended to wash off with warm water using baby shampoo and rinse the best decoction of nettles.

Make this mask to 2-3 times per week. After 2-3 months of regular use the hair becomes much thicker.

Doing hair restoration procedures regularly, you will get results that exceed all expectations.

But please, do not forget about the diversity of causes of hair loss and the fact that the state of our hair, nails and skin depends on nutrition and proper state of the body.

It is therefore recommended not only for the “external” but “internal” and then you will be able to change radically the disappointing situation with your hair.

Personally, I can not boast of thick hair from my birth, so I always have to pay enough attention to them.

Five years ago, there were serious problems with the hair that has pushed for a thorough study of the body, which I share with you on my site.