Some Healthy Tips

Today I would like to continue the previous topic about health and to share with you some healthy tips:

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2. Fresh fruit juices – “alive water”.

It does perfectly:

  • excellent nutrition of the skin;
  • makes it elastic;
  • smoothes out wrinkles;
  • make healthy the body in a whole

ALWAYS consult a physician in case of serious diseases, especially diseases of the intestine, because in them the natural acid that can harm you.

My experience: in 3 months from 1 liter – 1.5 liter per day squeezed juice (carrot, beet and apple – 1/1/1). But to begin to drink juice gradually, with smaller doses.

Especially beet, from the first days with a teaspoon. Also to mix with other fruits and vegetables.
Carrot juice you have to drink especially, after you have to eat food containing fats such as salad with olive oil or something like that. I added some milk cream 10%.

Note: If you start to look with yellow tint, reduce the quantity of juice. Carrot juice provokes powerful cleaning of the body and the body can not cope with their excretion, so the body eliminate toxins available through the skin that makes the skin yellow. Although there are other opinions, but logically, I am inclined to do so.
The main thing is to listen to your body!

3. Running.
My experience: run almost every day for five months at 5-8 km, depending on the mood and feeling.
15 minutes of exercises, not exhausting: press, bending and stretching.

4. Food. I advise you not to make in your life “revolution”, but to revise and rethink what you eat, when and how.
My experience: All, but gradually. Do not use diet and do not advise. Eat natural foods, more vegetation. Not to fanaticism, but pay attention to the compatibility of products. Meals up to 4 times a day. The food, the simpler the better!

5. Sleep. It is also an important factor. I’m trying to sleep about 10 hours per day.
Now I have shifted schedule, but I try to sleep enough.

6. Masks. Each week, for 2 months I used natural hair masks. Loss stopped after the first month + juice therapy. For the face: all kinds of fruit – vegetables and natural products.

1. In the morning I eat 1 apple for empty stomach.
2. After half an hour or an hour – breakfast (porridge or cereal with milk, green or herbal tea, juice)
3. I run, I do 15 min. exercise. But now launched. Lazy, and it’s bad.
4. The food, as mentioned earlier.
5. 1.5 liters of pure mineral water without gas.
6. I do not eat a lot of bread / flour and chocolate.
7. I do not like coffee very much. Maybe, I drink once per month.
8. I drink to 0.5 liters of fresh juices.
9. Always apply a hair mask and face.
10. I do not smoke.
11. Do not sit on a diet.
12. In the evening, if you want to really eat after 19:00, eat fruit or a light meal (yogurt, yogurt …)
13. I drink a good wine, but not much and not often.

My result: lose weight, it took up to 10 kg, significantly improved the appearance and condition of hair / nails and skin, very good feeling and mood.

But, please, remember! Do not blindly follow someone’s experience, you need to understand that this is possible, and develop some healthy tips for you. Otherwise, you can do more harm than good.

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