Solarium Tanning: whole truth about the dangers and benefits


  • Positive Characteristics of Solarium Tanning 
  • Contraindications of Tan in Salon
  • Myths and Truth about Tan in Salon

There are a lot of rumors about the benefits and dangers of solarium tanning. Most of them are true, the others are absolute fabrications. Let us consider in more detail, what is true and what is just a myth.

Positive Characteristics of Solarium Tanning

improves the appearance of skin;
activated by the body’s defenses, strengthens the immune system.

Many women believe that the solarium has beneficial effects on the skin. In part this is true, because after a visit to the solarium the skin looks healthier. Solarium tanning helps to get rid of acne and the various manifestations of skin diseases.

  • The most important thing is not to overdo it with a tan in salon, 2 or 3 visits to the solarium to improve the appearance of the skin is enough. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming the owner of over-dry, irritated, and just not outwardly attractive skin.

Thus, it is believed that the solarium tanning has a positive impact on the emotional and physical well-being: improves mood, raises the tone of the body, the immune system is activated. This is indeed the case. Artificial rays, as well as solar, produce endorphins in the body, so-called hormones of happiness that are so beneficial to the improvement of the living spirit.

  • Therefore girls prone to depression during the autumn period, frequent colds in the winter, they can not do without a visit to get tan in salon, but it should be within reasonable limits.

Despite the many advantages of safe tanning, the visit to the solarium is not acceptable to all. For some, the procedure could cause serious harm and adversely affect health.

Contraindications of Tan in Salon

  • Any tumor of the skin and internal organs.
  • Insulin-depended diabetes mellitus.
  • Tuberculosis different localization.
  • Heavy diseases of cardio – vascular system and kidneys.
  • Immunodeficiency.
  • Mental diseases (epilepsy, schizophrenia).
  • Allergic reactions to sunlight.

You should also refrain from going to the solarium tanning after undergoing operations, during pregnancy and lactation, after conducted epilation (within 3 days), while the rise temperature in body, in the presence of sunburn on the skin.

Myths and Truth about Tan in Salon

tan salon

Solarium Tanning: whole truth about the dangers and benefits

Argued that the solarium is addictive. Indeed, there is this disease, which is caused by frequent visits to the solarium. Solarium is highly addictive just after a few sessions. In this case, such people have observed changes in the color of sunburn, the skin becomes dry, and the vessels dilate, they shine through the skin and become tortuous. Abrupt cessation of visits to the solarium can cause nervous disorders, depression and lead to a mental breakdown.

It is believed that in a vertical solarium, the skin gets a smaller dose of harmful rays, than horizontally. In fact, far from it. When you get a tan in a vertical solarium, you are less time inside, but a more powerful lamp radiation is used, which is fraught with the skin burns. In addition, vertical solarium is much more expensive, and sunbathe in it is not very comfortable.

Also the use of protective lotions in solarium tanning does not have a undue influence, namely, do not protect the skin from the harmful rays, as they have no strong UV filters – factors. These means will help only moisturize the skin and enhance a tan, but no more.

And remember, the use of solarium never protect you from exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Although sunburn occurs in both cases, by the formation of melanin, however, it formed at different depths. Therefore, visiting a solarium, you can not prepare yourself for the summer sun.