Skin Care for Your 30s: Special Care

At your 30s, the skin is no longer as smooth and supple as when you are young, so the woman has to make every effort to preserve her appearance at the proper level. In fact, the skin care, especially after thirty is no different, as the measures themselves are very similar to those that have to take place in the early years. But there are nuances, which will discuss in this article.

Skin Care for Your 30s: Sleeping Time

Particular attention should be paid to sleeping time, because if woman is not getting enough sleep, it effects the skin very detrimentally. Swollen eyelids and bloodshot eyes, “crumpled” skin on the face and “bags” under the eyes do not add any beauty exactly. Sleep needs seven hours at least. Otherwise, it will accumulate fatigue. Moreover, excess fluid may not be able to get away from the body, leaving its “footprints” on the face:

skin care for your 30s 1

Skin Care for Your 30s: Special Care

In addition to full sleep, the skin around the eyes needs special care. This area is unique for its sensitive and very thin skin, which is considered the most vulnerable due to the lack of sebaceous glands. It is very important, choosing the cream in the store, pay attention to the fact of passing them ophthalmological control. Otherwise, it is better not to use the product:

skin care for your 30s 2

Skin Care for Your 30s: Special Cosmetics

It is important to correctly relate to the selection of cosmetics for the face. It is best to buy the product, which is composed of collagen. Sometimes it is sufficient merely having multiple components that stimulate the production of useful substances. Particular attention should be given to additional protection against the harmful effects of the environment. It is desirable to choose a cream that is based on a special SPF- filter. Fortunately, that ‘s not a problem today totally to buy special makeup with protective properties:

skin care for your 30s 3

 Skin Care for Your 30s: Masks

No cost and no additional skin moisturizing, so a face maskis required at least once per week, unless of course, you need a clean and soft skin. In this case, the mask must contain a core group of vitamins – A, E and B. The fruit acids must be present as they are very beneficial effect on the skin. Cosmetics can be purchased ready-made or make its own out of clay or fruit.

It is obligatory to support the skin with the special antioxidant protection. In particular, it is very efficient to wash with a tonic made from green tea. In the composition you may add a bit of rosemary to make an effect greater.

skin care for your 30s 4

Skin Care for Your 30s: Massage

If the masks des not give the impressive effects, then these activities can be supported by high-quality massage. This procedure is very necessary for the rejuvenation of the skin. To perform all the manipulations a little bit of usual moisturizer can be applied on the face and massage your face for several minutes. It is good to draw such a massage every day for two weeks. In this case, the effect will be sure to notice.

skin care for your 30s 5

Thus, a healthy and clear skin after thirty – it’s not so difficult. You just need to take care of yourself and to moisturize the skin with essential vitamins and trace elements in time.