Skillful Tips about Makeup

The women , of course, are the personification of beauty of modern society. Look beautiful and be nice – the daily task of each of them, and it requires a lot of time, effort. Since ancient times, women used cosmetics, learned the art of applying make-up, highlighting the natural beauty.

The good makeup should be discreet and refined, giving the face well-groomed appearance. To master this art a few of my tips about makeup will help you.

Apply Makeup in Daylight

Please remember that your face should be lighted, but not the mirror. Colored walls of your bathroom, for example, change the tone of your skin.


To start remove the shine from your face, using a cleansing cosmetics (tonic). Then apply a day cream. Tone of your face should not be different from the color of your neck. For dry skin, use a fat primer, for oily skin – with the lowest fat content.

Attention to the Eyes

Apply under your eyes a few specks of light cream and fingertips “drive in” until it is completely absorbed. In the struggle with dark circles masking creams help well. Blend them flat with brush / applicator.

Down to the Neck

Neck requires special attention. It is desirable that the tone of your neck coincides with the tone chin. In this case, you will not worry about how to remove the visible boundary between the face and neck. Using your fingertips, rub the first coat in the direction of the neck, the ears and the base of the hair. Lightly powder the décolleté.

Face Paint

Give the paint to your face, animate it with a blush, eye shadow. Blush balance the complexion: cool tone of shadows flatten with a warm color blush. Moreover, when properly applied, blush will present your face in a good light. Use shadows and cosmetic pencil carefully. High cheekbones can be smoothed with a light touch of stick to the chin.

Art makeup is depending from the type of your face. I will place the emphasis.

Do owners of a round face a major challenge will be illusory decrease in the cheeks. Work with the side portions of the face. Apply a general tone, toning dark powder with a thick brush. Focus on the cheeks with the blush dark shades.

If your face is square, then after applying the general tone do the accent with blush at the temples. The side surface of the face and chin, make with a fine powder, to “facilitate” the general shape of the face with the play of colors.

Those who have a triangular face, I recommend to tinted temporal cavity, chin and cheekbones with a dark powder. Apply blush in a diamond shape, and then your lower and upper part of the face will be proportionate.

Imposition of bright blush as a rectangle for those who face a trapezoidal shape. Move the focus on the eyes and visually “lighten” the face.

Long face can visually expand, putting blush closer to the ear. On the cheeks blush applied in the shape of an oval. Chin and forehead powder with the darker tones.

Be lovely!