Simple Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy with Essential Oils


  • Main Reasons for Hair Falling Out
  • Essential Oils for Your Hair: Influence
  • Essential Oils that Are Good for Hair
  • Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy with Esters

Modern cosmetology has a mass of means that are made to make a woman’s hair luxurious, beautiful, but not all drugs are as safe as the manufacturer claims. It is very easy to burn the hair and skin with painted or “gentle” perm. Too frequent exposure of saloons’ means quickly damage the hair. Moreover, the constant negative influence of the environment also make harm to our hair. To return the natural health is not easy as the structure of curls is changing, making them thin, brittle, unable to retain moisture and nutrients.

Our ancestors knew a natural remedies and use them to maintain the health and beauty of hair. Natural oil for hair restoration gives a natural feeding, gently smoothes the cuticle, softens it. What is very important, restoring oil easily penetrates into the depths of the hair, providing it with deep nourishment and hydration. Unlike artificial cosmetics natural product does not cause irritation, allergy, any side effects.

Main Reasons for Hair Falling Out

Procedures for dyeing, bleaching, perms are the main and most common causes of severe damage curls as artificially changing their structure. Immediately after the procedure, especially held by professional hairdresser, the changes are not noticeable. But after 1-2 weeks hair feels too dry for the touch, the hair is not as soft as before, there are split ends. Often there is increased of hair loss.

To minimize unpleasant consequences of waving, dyeing, regular maintenance should be carried out by means of reducing agents. Cause damage to the hair are other factors:

  1. exposure to high and low temperatures;
  2. frequent washing of the head;
  3. overdried air;
  4. sea ​​water;
  5. nutritional deficiencies;
  6. ultraviolet light;
  7. use of coarse comb;
  8. tight hairstyle and others.

Essential Oils for Your Hair: Influence

Natural fatty and essential oils are an alternative to costly procedures for recovery by means of modern cosmetics. Natural composition of oil is easily digested, absorbed into the hair, forming a natural compound in the cells. Oils and esters for hair restoration have a mass of useful features, the main ones are:

  1. antioxidant;
  2. antibacterial;
  3. softening;
  4. supply;
  5. moisturizing;
  6. regenerate.

Essential Oils that Are Good for Hair

Simple Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy with Essential Oils

Simple Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy with Olive Oils

We distinguish the essential oils and esters. Essential oils are suitable for over-dried, lacking of natural lubrication hair. Essential esters – for normal, oily and damaged hair by chemicals.

Essential oils and esters should be selected according to the type of hair, for dry hair esters is better mixing with basic oils. But pure essential oils can be used for recovery, only you need to know – which one is more effective.

1. Wheat Germ extract contains vitamins, minerals, active, antioxidants, protein. Significantly improves the viability of hair, restores the structure, deeply nourishes and moisturizes hair.
On the market there are brands:

  • Aspera (the maximum number of votes – 40 reviews from people with an average score of 4.5 points out of 5);
  • Camellia;
  • Fitoros;
  • Realkaps;
  • Farmakom;
  • Erboristica;
  • Biasca;
  • Lazurin.

2. Coconut is a solid oil with sensual scent, perfectly restores damaged hair, leaving it soft, smooth and strong. Stimulates hair growth and improves their appearance, shine and elasticity.
On the market there are brands:

  • Blossom;
  • Aromatics – score 4.6 points from 75 people;
  • Parachute – oil, get feedback from 228 people with an average score of 4.5 points;
  • Cococare;
  • Now Foods;
  • ThaiPure;
  • EfaGold;
  • Dolphin Coco.

3. Olive is a deep recovery for dried hair after a perm and coloring. Improves the structure of the hair, smoothes the cuticle, easy combing. The stores present a huge range. It should be remembered that for cosmetic purposes the natural unrefined product without heat treatment.
Noteworthy brands:

  • Borges Extra Virgin – reviews from 45 people, an average score of 4.8;
  • ITLV Virgen Extra – 31 votes with an average score of 4.6;
  • DeCeccoOlioExtraVerginediOliva – Reviews left 9 people score 4.9 points;
  • MoniniExtraVergineClassico – GPA 4.6, reviewed by 14 respondents.

4. Burdock is a classic Russian cosmetics for the treatment of any problems Trichology. Contains active substances that promote the growth of hair, their filling power and natural moisture. Reduces the negative impact on the hair of environmental factors, creates its own immunity hair, dandruff, itching, hair loss. Famous cosmetic brands:

  • Evalar – the maximum number of votes (176) with an average rating of 4.4 points;
  • Mirolla – positive feedback from 109 people with an average score of 4.3;
  • Clean Line – reviewed by 139 and score 3.9 points;
  • Elf;
  • Nivea;
  • Aspera;
  • Dr. Green and others.
essential oils for your hair

Simple Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy with Burdock Oils

Not inferior in efficacy and other essential oils:

sea buckthorn, hemp, flaxseed, corn, sunflower, almond, orange, pumpkin, avocado.

Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy with Esters

Essential oils that help in hair restoration, presented in a large range. Ester – a complex of plant extracts consisting of volatile substances which actively interact with the human body. Essential oils used in cosmetology relatively short time, in recent years, are used to treat hair.

In addition to reducing properties, ethers impact on the psycho-emotional state of the person and general health – improve mood, improve immunity, kill bacteria. In addition, the essential oil is often used as a natural perfume, leaving a rich trail of flavor. Ethers are used to massage the body, head, aromatherapy, based on them make masks, wraps for hair.

Popular Essential Oil to Restore Hair Structure:

Orange – contains a large amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, removes dandruff, split ends, normalizes the sebaceous glands. Due to natural catalysts hair grows faster, over time increases their number.

Rosemary – a great means for improving health hair. Removes dandruff, brittle, dry curls, improves mood, improves performance, and memory.

Ylang-Ylang – a means to revitalize damaged ringlets, adds shine, elasticity, facilitates combing. Stimulates hair growth and normalizes the production of natural lubrication.

Cedar, Fir, Juniper – coniferous plants extract a beneficial effect on the entire body. Hair after application quickly saturated power, there shine, strength, softness. Coniferous scent at a distance kills the bacteria.

Melissa, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Cypress – esters, which have a reducing effect on the hair and scalp. Soothe itching, irritation, kill bacteria, and normalize the secretion of the glands, eliminating dandruff, seborrhea. Strengthen the roots, stimulate the follicles. Hair becomes shiny, crumbly, easy to comb, do not drop out.

No less popular are other esters:

grapefruit, lemon, tea tree, all the medicinal herbs (sage, chamomile, lavender, sanadala etc…).

Any hair in a short time can be converted into a luxurious head of hair using natural oils to restore. This is especially true for brittle dry curls, prone to loss. Oils can not only strengthen the roots, they improve the appearance of hair, add shine, silkiness better than artificial cutting-edge products.