Sex During Pregnancy: to Be or Not to Be?


  • Sex During Pregnancy
  • When Sex during Pregnancy is Impossible?
  • Is it Possible to Harm a Child?
  • Sexual Attraction of a Woman
  • Condoms: to Be or Not to Be?

Pregnancy is not just the nurturing of a new person. In addition to physical changes, the woman undergoes enormous changes, emotional and psychological. Naturally, her sex life also changes. Nevertheless, all these changes are normal, and pregnancy is not a disease. So she has the right to a full life, including sex during pregnancy.

When Sex during Pregnancy is Impossible?

Physicians limit the sexual life of their patients only if there is a risk for the child. This is possible under the following circumstances:

  • risk of miscarriage;
  • miscarriages on a certain date in the anamnesis. In this case, during the month before and after the critical period, you should refrain from sexual intercourse;
  • premature births in the anamnesis;
  • low attached or posterior placenta;
  • water leakage;
  • the bearing of twins or triplets;
  • bloody issues.

If you have at least one of these symptoms, discuss with your doctor whether you can have sex during pregnancy, and what restrictions are possible.

Naturally, sex is impossible if the partner has symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases.

Is it Possible to Harm a Child?

Both partners must understand that they can not harm a child by having sex. The child is reliably protected by a thick layer of muscles, of which the uterus is composed. At the same time he swims in the amniotic fluid, which is an excellent shock absorber, so no jolts to him are not terrible.

But the positive attitude of the mother to the kid will do good. He will listen to Papa’s voice, speaking gentle words and, during Mother’s orgasm, will receive his portion of endorphins – hormones of happiness.

Sex During Pregnancy

Sex During Pregnancy

Sexual Attraction of a Woman

Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy is understandable, but do you want it? Women perceive pregnancy differently, that’s why the attitude to sex is different. Many experience an incomparably strong sexual desire during pregnancy. This is due to the intensive circulation of the pelvic organs.

  • At the very beginning of pregnancy, most women notice a decrease in libido. This is due to fears and unrest, as well as often arose during this period of toxicosis and increased fatigue. The breast becomes very sensitive and touching it can be unpleasant. The couple will have to reconsider the familiar caresses.

In the second trimester, the woman’s sexual desire comes back with renewed vigor. In uncomplicated pregnancy, she feels well, and the growing abdomen is not a hindrance.

  • The third trimester complicates sexual activity. Perhaps you will have to change your usual poses. After all, the main thing now is not to create pressure on the stomach. Nevertheless, with good health and mutual desire, it makes no sense to reduce the sex life to zero. After all, after the birth, you will have several months of compulsory abstinence. And you will get tired much more.

Condoms: to Be or Not to Be?

Most doctors recommend using condoms during pregnancy. This is a kind of reinsurance to avoid infection of the fetus. However, if both partners have been tested for infection (ideally, at the planning stage) and there is absolute trust between them, then basic hygiene will replace condoms.

Moreover, in the third trimester, the sperm that enters the cervix are useful. As a result of this contact, the neck softens and quickly opens up in childbirth. Thus, the painful period of contractions becomes shorter.