Selection of Scents of Perfume: how to choose a perfume?


  • How to Choose a Perfume?
  • How Many Scents of Perfume Can Be Evaluated?
  • Best Perfume Scents: Features of Using Perfume.
  • A Few Tips for Using Scents of Perfume
  • What is the Difference between Perfume and Perfumed Water?

Every woman at least once in her life faced with the problem – how to choose a perfume, and furthermore, how to determine the best perfume scents? After all, to find the perfect scents of perfume is not so easy – it should emphasize the personality and natural charm, and not to be intrusive to the others. But, unfortunately, it does not always happen immediately to determine the best perfume scents. Moreover, every day more and more new scents of perfume are available, except those, that have long existed.

The matter to choose perfume is very delicate, you can not rush and especially chase the fashion. The main principles – are the focus on your own preferences and feelings, as well as lifestyle and even preferences in clothes.

How to Choose a Perfume?

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Ideal if you are able to choose your best perfume scents in a relaxed atmosphere. In  every store almost each buyer is under the low stress, and this also affects to the selection of scents of perfume. Best of all, if you take a sampler with a flavor, not to be guided by the first perception, that you felt at the store.

Only when you are in a relaxed and homely atmosphere, you can feel the charm of fully disclose perfume. After this you can be solved to buy. Otherwise, you corny can not recognize the flavor, or be disappointed of purchase.

Necessarily be interested, which flavors are included in the perfume, what you liked. The presence of citrus, woody and floral scents of perfume can orient you much more better about the features of this perfume.

Be sure to use the probe perfume, if there is such a possibility. So, you can appreciate, whether the smell is combined with your skin, and whether it not to cause the irritation. Also, since you’ll see, whether you have an allergy to this perfume.

How Many Scents of Perfume Can Be Evaluated?

For once, the maximum number of scents of perfume, that you can appreciate, not exceed three perfumes. In stores you can often see the coffee beans, which help to kill an old smell to understand the new fragrance properly. But even the coffee can not give you back the former sharpness of smell, if your nose is serious “tired” from the abundance of scents of perfume.

  • This opinion is shared by experienced perfumers. The test of a large number of scents of perfume dulls the sense of smell, so it is impossible to evaluate the perfume properly. In addition, in a large perfume-shop the air is already saturated with dozens of flavors, which further complicates the selection of your best perfume scents.

If coffee does not help to restore the sensitivity of the olfactory cells, refuse the buying of perfume, and postpone this process on the next time. As you will not choose perfume, that will fit you.

Best Perfume Scents: Features of Using Perfume

The proper application of perfume is not only help you to keep the longer trail behind your favorite perfume, but do not make nervous the others from too intrusive flavor.

Remember a Few Tips for Using Scents of Perfume

  • do not water yourself with perfume. Stinky perfume is a sign of bad taste. Only a subtle flavor and easy trail must remain after you;
  • if your husband or boyfriend has a favorite scent among your perfume, try to please him. In conjunction with aphrodisiacs such scent will make a lasting impression on him, that will give you a true delight;
  • if you use the perfume at work or a corporate party, choose the scents of perfume, that will not be intrusive. In addition, it is important, that your perfume fits to your clothes. Perfume should not interrupt all the smells of the working area, and should not awaken colleagues of the opposite sex sensual reaction. If you are not configured for the development of office romance, use of soft unobtrusive scents of perfume;
  • apply the perfume only after taking a shower to a clean body. And you need to know the places, where the scent is applied, – these are the pulse points (wrists, the area behind the earlobes, inner crook of his elbow and whiskey);
  • if you are a bride, you can choose perfume for wedding with a more pronounced flavor. But do not overdo it, as guests will shun you.

What is the Difference between Perfume and Perfumed Water?

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Perfumes can contain up to 30 % of concentrated aromatic bases – is, what attracts buyers to prefer this product. It is worth noting, that in the preparation of these scents of perfume 96% alcohol have always being used. The cost of this product is high enough, as the perfume oils are not cheap. But the really high-quality product will bring a true pleasure to its possessor, and will delight its fragrance throughout the day.

  • Perfumed water is slightly inferior to the duration of the perfumes, as it comprises a smaller percentage of the extract (20%), and not very strong alcohol. Very often, perfumed water poured into bottles-sprays, and the price is not such a high, as the price of perfumes.

There is also a toilet water. It contains 10% of total aromatics, 80 % alcohol and can hold on the body for three hours. This is perfect for use for every day – inexpensive, but nice. You can also use a range of flavors, for example, in the form of perfumes and toilet waters (for every day and for special occasions).