Secrets of Magic Homemade Eye Cream


  • The Most Simple Recipes of DIY Eye Cream
  • Recipes of Homemade Eye Cream for Noticeable Wrinkles
  • How to Make Eye Cream: Very Nutritious Recipe

When wrinkles appear, the strongest desire of every woman gets to turn back time. And if marked age-related changes in the face of being felt by the age of forty, the skin around the eyes, this moment comes much earlier, and the majority of women after 26-27 years to notice the first wrinkles around the eyes. To deal with this need clear, care should be a daily and focused, and homemade eye cream – one of the best options for preserving youthful skin.

The Most Simple Recipes of DIY Eye Cream

Cream skin around the eyes, home-prepared, need not be complex and multi-component. One can start with simple recipes that, nevertheless, are very useful.

Vitaminic DIY Eye Cream

All you need to do to create this cream is to go to the pharmacy for vitamins A and E (tocopherol and retinol) from the refrigerator and get olive oil Butter Cocoa. Oils connected in a ratio of 1:1, for example, 1 teaspoon and add vitamins, one capsule. Mix and apply on the eye with your finger or apply to the skin a cotton pad soaked get the cream.

Deep Smoothing DIY Eye Cream

This cream is ideal for use at bedtime. The procedure for the preparation of this eye cream is as follows:

Cocoa Butter 1.5 tsp of melt (preferably in a water bath);
then it was a little cool;
add the contents of one capsule Tocopherol, 4 drops of essential essences of lavender and rose hip;
made in advance broth herb thyme 1 tbsp. Pour in the cream and mix well;
the last to add in a mixture of 1 drop (not more!) geranium oil and mix again cream.

Secrets of Magic Homemade Eye Cream

Secrets of Magic Homemade Eye Cream

Simple Night DIY Eye Cream

The most straightforward cream for the skin around the eyes is normal olive oil. In fact, this product has such a unique structure that it can be considered as a full cream. Lightly pat apply it on the skin, and after a while remove will not absorb the excess with a soft cloth.

Another simple cream for the skin around the eye is made up of 1-2 tbsp. Grape seed oil and 7-9 drops of ethereal essence of Roman chamomile. Apply this cream should be before bedtime, as well as the olive.

Recipes for Moisturizing the Skin

Moisturizing eye cream is suitable for girls aged 24-28 years, when strongly expressed no wrinkles, but the water level has decreased. For skin moisture saturation valuable components such ideal home as aloe, glycerin, light cosmetic oils, herb teas.

DIY Eye Cream with Aloe

Connect in the same volume of aloe juice (it is desirable that the plant was more than two years) and grape seed oil or almond or olive. Draw, patting, remove the excess with a tissue or cotton pad.

Honey Cream Recipe

To make at home moisturizing regenerating cream for the skin around the eyes, take:

  • 2 tsp of honey;
  • glycerin 2 tsp;
  • gelatin powder 1 tsp;
  • clean water 5-6 tsp.

To start put gelatin in water, add honey and glycerin, mix well. Use daily, and keep the remedy in a refrigerator can be no longer than 5-7 days.

Honey – one of the few universal means, created by nature, with which you can solve many skin problems: and moisturize and smooth out wrinkles and lighten the face, and to treat any skin defects in the form of rashes or redness.

Cream with Lifting Effect

Lifting effect can be achieved not only after a visit to the beauty salon or the application of means created by beauticians, but also at home, with the regular use of natural resources. In one of them connected to the unique properties of plants, oil and honey, and to create a lifting cream for the skin around the eyes is required:

  • honey 3 tea spoons;
  • 6 drops of grape seed oil;
  • 4 drops of olive oil;
  • 1 drop of geranium essential oils;
  • parsley juice 3 drops;
  • clover broth 1 tsp;
  • golden root tincture 1 tea spoons.

The basis is the honey without melting it, mix all the ingredients. It is necessary to make a thick viscous mass, so additional amount of honey if necessary. Apply the product on the eye skin, evenly distributing it, and begin to pat the skin with your finger, and the honey, clinging to be a bit put off your face. This creates the effect of micro-massage, increases blood flow, improves skin elasticity.

Secrets of Magic Homemade Eye Cream

Secrets of Magic Homemade Eye Cream

The optimal area for the application of this cream is the area of the cheekbones near the eyes, the skin under the eyebrows and around the eyes. If the funds are received a lot, you can use it for the whole face or in the refrigerator and leave the next day, treat your skin again. Cream powerful, so at home it can be used only once in two days, alternating with other agents.

Tip: before you apply the cream on the face wash it with hot decoction of chamomile or calendula for 10 minutes.

Recipes of Homemade Eye Cream for Noticeable Wrinkles

If the wrinkles on your face visible to the naked eye, use in the home with natural recipes given below.

According teaspoonful oils and incense limet mix two drops of rose oil. Use the morning and evening, causing a small amount to the skin around the eyes. Pre perform the test for individual intolerance in the crook of the elbow.

In similar proportions combine chamomile oil, grape seed oil and roses. To supplement this cream are two drops of essential oils of sandalwood.

Another cream is also effective against existing wrinkles and in terms of new prevention. For it is required:

  • beeswax 2 tablespoons.;
  • jojoba oil 4 tbsp;
  • rose water 50 g;
  • 15 ml of apricot kernel oil;
  • borax 1 tea spoon.

Oils and wax melt, dissolve borax separately in rose water. Both mixtures combine and mix. Put the cream in a glass container with a lid and use the tool on a daily basis. Cream can be stored for no longer than a month in the refrigerator.

Ingredients for homemade cream around the eyes: rosewater, apricot and jojoba oil, borax, beeswax.

Nourishing Cream

After 35 years of women’s skin needs special care, and the care products should contain not only moisturizing, but also nourishing ingredients. A couple of recipes and prepared us for its charming readers.

Yolk Cream

Two tablespoons of natural butter, mix with the yolk of one egg a little. Add half a teaspoon of the mixture of bee pollen, which can be purchased in stores or bee products, for example, a company catalog Tentorium. Then supplement cream oils of lemon and rose – 4 drops. Store mixture in a closed container up to 5 days.

How to Make Eye Cream: Very Nutritious Recipe

Visceral fat 1 tbsp., melt it, add 1.5-2 tsp. of olive or peach butter and mix. To enhance anti-aging effect and add fragrances to choose essential essences: lemon, sandalwood, lavender 2-4 drops. Put the cream in a glass jar and use at night every two days.

More Sophisticated Creams

To, you must first prepare to create a multi-eye cream has all the ingredients, select the free time and, importantly, a good mood. And for this, we offer you two wonderful natural recipe, which can be estimated at home any of you.

  • Recipe 1

Candelilla wax or beeswax, 15 g, 1 g nikolipid, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and 1 \ 2 tea spoons, 1 ml poppy oil cupuaçu half piece folded into a bowl and heat bath. Heat the water separately 15 ml, add it hyaluronic gel for 2 hours. L Connect both mixtures and whisking spoon or an electric mixer, add 4 drops of essential oils of rose, sandalwood, geranium, lemon, and 1 ml of raspberry and evening primrose oils.

  • Recipe 2

Two teaspoons lanolin melt, add 3 tbsp. of almond oil and the solution for 1 tea spoon of lecithin in 30 ml of mineral water or pink. Bowl, continue to keep in a container with hot water, slowly stirring the contents. After 2-3 minutes Put the cream in a jar, cool it and keep in a cool place, using the night.