Review of 4 Most Popular Serums for Face


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How cruel is disappointment of women when such a coveted, astronomically expensive cream does not have the effect on our derma completely, which is advertised.

However, often, it’s not the cream itself that is to blame for this, which, in fact, is not even bad, but it’s just for your epidermis, you can buy something more radical that can have a more cardinal effect.

In fact, such means exist, although they were used relatively recently in cosmetology. It’s about serum for the face, which some very experienced beauticians call “serrum”, that is, the derivative of the English word “concentrate”.

Serums for the face – this is a novelty, since it was previously thought that it is possible to make procedures with the help of serums only in beauty salons, however, over time.

It became clear that even those women who can not, for whatever reason, visit the salons, also want to use serum for the face, and enjoy an extremely bright and noticeable effect from it.

Cosmetologists have created in the laboratories, and ultimately, the serums for the face were designed in such a way as to minimize the various risks of damaging the dermis, when using them, at home.

Review of 4 Most Popular Serums for Face

Serum VS Cream. What are the Differences?

What is the main difference of whey from a cream or any other cosmetic means:

Serum for the face contains much more, all kinds of components that are bioactive, that is, in fact, they are much more concentrated and saturated with a wide variety of substances.

  • The cream has an aqueous, or fatty basis, depending on what it is intended for. Serum is based on completely different substances, which are called enhancers. It is thanks to them, the dermis of your face, neck, and other parts of the body, it becomes even, smooth, taut, elastic, or moisturized and radiant, depending on what the given face serum is oriented for.

The cream, in comparison with the serum, is extremely dense. Liquid cosmetic serum is so light that it can miraculously penetrate deeply into the epidermis and work, as it were, from the depths of the skin, rejuvenating and giving it a healthy, velvety and smooth appearance, and a healthy color.

  • Among other things, including all sorts of “utility” from the serum, you also need to understand that even a cream containing acids is not as dangerous as it is.

True, you do not need to get scared, of course, with proper treatment and full compliance with the instructions, you will be completely satisfied with the result, after applying such an original and new cosmetic.

Choose Serum for the Face Correctly

It is clear that once you have decided that no creams do not help you anymore, you do not need to run off to the cosmetic store and scoop up all the bottles and jars with serums from the shelves.

Of course, this behavior, does not lead to something good, and it can significantly worsen the condition of your skin, and from one time, as well as create problems that will then have to stop, perhaps for months and even years.

In order to choose the right “own” serum for the face, you need to “arm” with a few simple tips from leading cosmetologists, and also apply them always:

  • Note that the serum for the face needs to be selected not by skin type, like cream or butter, but according to the problem that it should successfully solve.

It is very reasonable to make a choice in favor of one or another means depending on the age. Try to treat this criterion objectively, this will help to avoid additional problems.

  • Do not buy any serum if your skin has a tendency to allergic reactions. Serum, as already mentioned many times, a highly concentrated agent, so you should always do an allergy test. Apply a little substance to the inside of the wrist or fold the elbow and wait for the result, if there are no unpleasant sensations, you can safely take the remedy, if a rash appears, the dermis turns red, itches, and so on, leave the serum to the side.

Allergy sufferers should consult with cosmetologists necessarily.

  • Do not buy serum for a person if you are not yet thirty. For young skin this is not the best remedy.

Serums are better to choose on a water basis for the summer, and oily for the winter.

  • Apply the serum to the dermis in small amounts, after completely cleansing it, and after 15-25 minutes, just apply any cream.

Serum for the face gives almost instant effect, because you can use it, before important events.

Some Novelties on the Market of Cosmetology Products

Cosmetology has long been a real science, and scientists are moving further and further in revealing the secrets of the body and the skin itself. Therefore we offer the newest means, for example.

Serums for the skin are becoming more and more quality and more useful, and the effect from them is increasingly noticeable. Consequently, many women pay attention to novelties, and this is undoubtedly a good solution.

  • Youth Code from L’Oréal Paris

Serum Youth Code released by the company L’Oréal, under the same name, it produces day cream, eye cream, and also the serum itself. Over this work, scientists worked for ten years and created their own unique cosmetic product.

Serum Youth Code removes puffiness and tightens the skin successfully, helps fight wrinkles, and even outlines the tone of the face significantly. And the action of this substance becomes visible for one hour, and a month later, you just do not recognize your face in the mirror.

  • Cure Soluions from Yves Rocher

This product is not an ordinary whey, but a powerful antioxidant that saves and protects the skin from oxidation throughout the day.

The substances contained in Cure Solutions qualitatively bind free radicals, which prevents aging, it forms on the surface of the skin that molecular barrier through which bacteria are unable to penetrate the skin and repair damaged cells of the dermis.

  • Eye serum C from HL Laboratories (Holy Land)

This serum is designed for thin and delicate skin around the eyes, it can permanently and effectively remove puffiness, in addition remove the old “bags” under the eyes.

The product is extremely effective, it moisturizes, mildly nourishes, smoothes wrinkles, and also protects the dermis from harmful ultra-violet.

  • Premium cellular shock from Eldan

Serum Premium cellular shock has a very high percentage of bioactive substances, therefore it is an extremely powerful and powerful remedy.

Perfectly suited this product for combination and dry skin. It is able to moisturize and nourish the skin, as well as activate increased blood circulation, as well as supply of oxygen to the deep layers of the epidermis.

This serum also has an antioxidant effect, binds the radicals, has a rejuvenating effect, smooths wrinkles, and also protects the skin from harmful effects, not very favorable, to the environment.