Respiratory Fastest Diet to Lose Weight Quickly

The Japan’s man created a respiratory diet accidentally losing weight by 12 kg.

Most of us try to change our diet drastically, and eat the vegetables or oatmeal. But a man named Miki Ryosuke argues that there is a more simple and effective diet.

Former actor Mickey Ryosuke said to have invented a new method of losing weight by accident. The fact that 55-year-old man was practicing breathing techniques to get rid of back pain.

After 7 weeks of the his occupation he noticed that he has become much thinner. According to the man, the loss of weight was 12 kg and the volume of his waist down by 12 cm.

Seeing the dramatic changes that Mickey has developed a special technique, which he called respiratory fastest diet. As the site Oddity Central, the term “diet” is misleading, since this method does not provide food restrictions and more like a workout.

The Japan’s man does not want to advertise his methodology, so believes that the results of the daily five-minute sessions will be conclusive proof of his words. The basic principle of the new diet of Mickey Ryosuke is the correct breathing technique: inhale through your nose for three seconds, and then the “aggressive” exhale through the mouth for seven seconds.

Author respiratory diet focuses on the important part: during exhalation should make maximum use of all the muscles of the body to expel all the air.

Here’s how Miki describes two basic ways to use respiratory equipment:

1. Squeeze your buttocks, set aside one foot forward and move 90% of your body weight on your back foot. Make a 3-second breath, during which raise your arms above your head, and then aggressively exhale for seven seconds, and at the same time discouraged.

2. Stand up straight, tighten your buttocks. Place one hand on your stomach and the other on the lower back. In this position, make a 3-second breath, and 7-second exhale.


That’s all you need to lose weight quickly, summarizes Mickey Ryosuke.

Compatriots Ryosuke are interest of his technique, but respiratory diet was not to the taste of British doctors – They are skeptical about its effectiveness.

“The only way to burn fat – it’s intensive training in rowing, brisk walking or jogging. Deep breathing for five minutes will not burn extra calories and, therefore, will not change the shape of the body,” – Richard Godfrey said the chief psychologist of British Olympic Medical Centre.