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Beautiful eyes – the dream of every woman. That is why we resort to various tricks in order to give a view of particular appeal: drip ophthalmic solutions for the expansion of the pupils, and rock gloss, building up lashes and create a unique makeup. However, a sudden redness of eyes can permanently damage the result of our efforts. Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, this problem has its own characteristics and ways of elimination. It is only necessary to understand its causes. And to make it as painless as possible only a professional doctor can for your health. He and prescribe the appropriate treatment of the situation.

What Causes Red Eyes

Often accompanied by redness of the eyes unpleasant symptoms: itching, burning and stabbing pain. This may be the result of being hit or a foreign body irritant in the so-called eyes. They can be entered by the wind sand, speck, The fallen eyelash or simply mechanical friction century hands.

In addition, red eyes can be caused by overvoltage analyzer and visual fatigue. Other common reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon can be:

what causes red eyes

Red Eyes Causes Red Eyes Treatment

Conjunctivitis – occurs when eye contact pathogens that cause inflammation of the outer surface of the sclera. Conjunctivitis can easily provoke a variety of viruses, bacteria and fungi. It is accompanied by redness of tissue edema century, a burning sensation, and purulent discharge. There is also allergic conjunctivitis.

This is the body’s reaction to the stimulus, the role of which can be anything: animal dander, pollen, perfume fragrances, and more. Often, this reaction is accompanied by a runny nose and nasal congestion. If treatment in both cases to run, the case could result in corneal eye and traumatization of the overall decline.

During long-term eye strain, while in a room with poor lighting and poor quality can be observed redness and eye fatigue. In cases where there was a blockage of the tear ducts or other reasons, there is insufficient slezoobrazovanie, eye redness is accompanied by a burning sensation, pain when blinking and feeling of a foreign body in the eye.

Red eyes can cause and the use of lenses. it happens often or at the wrong of their choosing, or if you are hypersensitive.

The eyes may turn red due to sharply raise the level of intracranial, intraocular, or blood pressure. In this case, the eye can be seen point breaks capillaries, small red “star”.

Red Eyes Treatment

You can remove red eyes, and yourself, if you do not see signs of pathological infection. To do this in drugstores special formulations and eye drops from redness. Do not forget that the use of specialized tools in large quantities can be addictive. And then, without them it would be difficult.

Sometimes the advice of the pharmacist sufficient for you to select the desired drug. In addition, you can use special compresses to the eye of home cooking: the tea solution, a cooling compress with ice, camomile tea or infusion of fresh potato. But if during the two days of redness does not go away or since its inception appeared purulent discharge, nausea, dizziness and pain in the eyes, the appropriate treatment can only ophthalmologist.

Prevention of Eye Redness

In some cases, it justified the use of dietary supplements to improve vision. Nutrients beneficial effect on the visual analyzer, do not allow blood stasis and relieve discomfort from prolonged sun exposure. As well they are using the lenses.

Do not neglect the rules of personal hygiene. You can not use the same towel for a few people to be painted with the help of mascara, eyeliner or shadow, you do not belong to and used. It is necessary to wash after staying on the street and shoot makeup special tools.

Take regular exercises for the eyes. Alternate rapid blinking with a concentrated gaze into the distance, describe eight eyes, strong, close and relax. These simple exercises are very helpful and give your eyes a much needed vacation for them. Ideally, the rest should be 5 minutes for 1 hour.