Raspberry Facial Masks

You know to maintain your beauty of the skin on the basis of raspberries, there are many folk remedies.

From early times raspberry juice is known to moisturize, nourish and whiten skin.

You can wipe the face of frozen cubes of raspberry juice every morning. This procedure will tone, rejuvenate and refresh the skin.

Especially raspberry juice is one of the good natural ingredients for face mask. Moreover, if your skin is prone to oiliness.

Raspberry has excellent antibacterial properties. It reduces inflammation on the face and pores.

Raspberry facial masks whiten skin and reduce the amount of wrinkles on the face and neck.


Raspberry Facial Masks

Here there are some recipes of raspberry facial masks:

Recipe number 1. Purifying Raspberry Facial Mask

Raspberry can be cleansing facial scrub suitable for all types of skin. You can make scrub with the ingredients for homemade facial masks: 10 grams of Hercules flakes mixed with 5 raspberries, then apply the mixture to your face and massage in circular motions. This scrub renews skin cells, cleans it, and improves blood circulation.

Recipe number 2. Toning Raspberry Facial Mask

Raspberries rubbed on a grater refreshes and tones the skin. From the slurry   the squeezed juice can be applied on your face for 10 minutes. This procedure can be done 3-4 times per week. The result is more elastic skin and healthy complexion.

Recipe number 3. Moisture Raspberry Facial Mask

Moisturizing crimson mask is ideal for both dry and oily skin. You can make the mask with the homemade face mask ingredients: 100 grams of raspberries, 50 grams of milk, 20 grams of olive oil and 1 egg yolk.

All the ingredients you need to mix and add a little oatmeal. Received mask put on face, wash off the mask after 15 minutes with warm water, and then again wash cold. This mask is ideal for moisturizing the skin in the summer, when the skin is exposed to sunlight due to dehydration.

Recipe number 4. Rejuvenating Raspberry Facial Mask

Nourishing and rejuvenating mask can be done with follows homemade facial mask ingredients: 20 grams of raspberry juice mix with honey and olive oil, add 100 grams of semolina, 1 egg yolk and a pinch of salt. You have to apply the mask to the face and neck, leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. After a rich cream should be applied.

Use  this mask 1-2 times per week during one month. The mask restores and refreshes your skin, gives a fresh to the face and improves appearance.

Recipe number 5. Nourishing Raspberry Facial Mask

If you mix 1 egg white and 50 grams of pureed raspberries, you will get a nourishing mask for dry skin with a lifting effect.