Protein Mask: Real Salvation for Oily Skin


  • Protein Mask: Miraculous Effect on the Skin
  • Protein Mask: Indications and Contraindications
  • How to Make Face Masks with Protein

Protein – is part of the human body, without which it can not properly function.

In its pure form a protein is in chicken egg, in this wonderful gift of nature to human skin. Homemade protein mask, separated beforehand from the egg yolk, is an excellent cosmetic products for skin at any time of the year. Do you want to remove the oily shine and give your skin a healthy glow of youth and beauty? The protein mask will help you exellent.

Having made a protein mask once, no one can refuse it: the effect after the first application is so obvious. Which results can be expected?

Protein Mask: Miraculous Effect on the Skin

Protein Mask: Miraculous Effect on the Skin

  • homemade protein mask is capable to narrow enlarged pores that quickly become contaminated, and contribute to the formation of black spots;
  • a unique protein mask is also able to rid the skin of excess pigmentation, lighten freckles and red spots from acne;
  • protein mask is ideal for oily skin as it dries the skin, and it removes the excess moisture and fatty secretions, eliminating shine.

There is one distinct advantage, which protein mask has: egg white can wait no longer, its effects on the skin almost instantly. Rinse off the mask, you will feel that your skin has become easier to breathe. Look in the mirror, and you will see the elastic surface of the skin, which suddenly glowed healthy and not greasy luster.

By touching your skin, you will feel the real velvet skin under your fingers. Surrounding do not hesitate to compliment you on the well-groomed appearance of your skin, not even suspecting that a miracle had created by a protein mask, which is so easy to make at home in only 10 minutes.

Protein Mask: Indications and Contraindications

Before preparing and using this natural cosmetic means, read the recommendations of experts. Such protein mask has its range of indications: egg white is not suitable for all skin types.

  • protein mask is ideal for oily skin;
  • the benefits will be obvious for problem skin: the mask of egg whites eliminate inflammation;
  • the effect will be for the combined (mixed) skin type;
  • excessive pigmentation is also as an indication, because the protein mask has a bleaching effect.

Do not use protein mask for dry and sensitive skin, otherwise the result can be quite disastrous. What face mask recipe is good for making at home?

How to Make Face Masks with Protein

Having decided on the preparation of the protein mask, remember a few rules: the egg must be homemade, we must be able to separate the protein from the yolk, and beat it best with a mixer, and then mixed with the ingredients. The protein mask is recommended to keep on the face about 15-20 minutes and rinse with cool water, as the protein can fold. Here select and prepare your face mask recipe:

How to Make Face Masks with Protein

How to Make Face Masks with Protein

  • 1. Protein Mask with Lemon
    Mix protein mix with lemon juice (1 teaspoon). This face mask recipe is able to whiten the brightest spots and eliminate oily shine.
  • 2. Protein Mask with Fruit
    Mix protein with sour, previously mashed or chopped fruit in a blender (1 tablespoon). It is very nourishing face mask recipe for the skin.
  • 3. Protein Mask with Starch
    Pour starch in the protein slowly to the form of a slurry, which is easy to be applied on your face.
  • 4. Protein Mask with Herbs
    Mix protein with chopped parsley, dill or sorrel (2 tablespoons). This face mask recipe has a pronounced bleaching effect.
  • 5. Protein Mask with Starch and Tea Tree
    Add a few drops (3-4) of essential oils of tea tree to the protein, and then gently pour the starch until creamy state.
  • 6. Protein Mask with Cosmetic Clay
    Mix protein with white or blue cosmetic clay (2 teaspoons).
  • 7. Protein Mask with Honey
    The protein is mixed with liquid honey (1 teaspoon). The face mask recipe has a stunning rejuvenating effect for the aging, sagging skin, which has the first age-related changes.
  • 8. Protein Mask with Nuts
    Mix protein with chopped nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts) into flour. This face mask recipe has a deep peeling effect.
  • 9. Protein Mask with Flour
    Mix protein until mushy state of flour (rice, oats, wheat, oat, potato). This face mask recipe is simultaneously cleanse the skin, and dry it.
  • 10. Integrated Protein Mask
    Proteins (2 pieces) mixed with almond oil (2 tablespoons) of ground oatmeal (2 tablespoons) and honey (about 30 grams). This face mask recipe will nourish tired skin, soothe irritated, get rid of wrinkles faded and help solve the problem of acne.

Protein is the basis of all life on earth. And protein mask is the foundation of a healthy and beautiful skin, which requires constant care.