Protective Home Facial Mask from Permanent Stress


  • How is Running the Protective Home Facial Mask?
  • Protective Homemade Facials: Indications and Contraindications
  • Protective Best Face Masks Recipes

Our skin is constantly under stress: changes in temperature, precipitation, frost, wind, ultraviolet light, a pair in the kitchen, work with harmful chemicals.

All this irritate our skin and makes it vulnerable. Fortunately, there is a protective home facial mask that is easy to prepare even at home. Homemade facials should be done regularly to protect the skin against different stress.

How is Running the Protective Home Facial Mask?

Various protective homemade facials have different effects on skin cells, but the purpose and results are the same – reliable protection of the skin from all kinds of negative factors. How does this happen?

Protective Home Facial Mask from Frost

Protective Home Facial Mask from Frost

  • If the immune system of the whole organism (and skin – in particular) is released, the cells become more susceptible to all kinds of infections. The structure of protective home facial mask, as a rule, includes such ingredients that strengthen the immune system.
  • If the nervous system gives failures, you are exposed to constant stress, experiencing depression, the skin reacts to this inflammation and rashes. Components of homemade facials for skin protection are aimed at strengthening the nervous system of your body.
  • To external factors did not weaken the delicate and sensitive skin, homemade facials form a barrier film and prevent to weather conditions adversely affect the cells.

Action of homemade facials that protect the skin, is aimed at the normalization of the work of many body systems, which largely depends on the skin condition.

Protective Homemade Facials: Indications and Contraindications

Carrying out the specific functions, protective home facial mask has a number of indications. They are especially useful:

  • for dry skin, which is under the action of ultraviolet light and frost can crack and peel until pain;
    for delicate and sensitive skin, which is under the same weather conditions are constantly in a state of stress, and is covered with red spots, suffers from acne;
  • for oily skin, acne and irritation which are only amplified without a reliable protective barrier;
  • for any tired skin, that is losing its luster because of the constant exposure to external factors.

This way of care for skin becomes particularly relevant in winter when the skin is exposed to cold temperatures, and summer, when ultraviolet excess is also capable of damaging delicate skin.

Contraindications of protective home facial mask may be only because you are hypersensitive to one of the components in its composition. In any case, before you use it is to test the wrist or the crook of the elbow, so as not to be surprised unwanted side effects.

Protective Best Face Masks Recipes

Choosing one or another face masks recipes, remember that you will need to use it regularly to achieve the desired effect. So, each of ingredients must be always at hand. According to the recipe, it is not difficult to make protective home facial mask.

Protective Home Facial Mask from Sun

Protective Home Facial Mask from Sun

  • 1. Mayonnaise Protective Mask
    High-quality fresh mayonnaise apply with a thin layer on the face. 20 minutes will be enough, and then you can wash off the usual warm water.
  • 2. Integrated Protective Mask
    Grind egg yolks, add the olive oil (1 tablespoon), grind more carefully, add any fruit juice (1 teaspoon).
  • 3. Egg Mask to Protect the Skin
    Beat the egg until the foam (available in a blender), add olive oil (1 teaspoon). Previously wipe the face with olive oil, and then you can use and this home facial mask. Instead of olive oil the same amount of cream can be added.
  • 4. Honey Mask
    Rub egg yolk with olive oil (2 teaspoons), add the grape or apple juice (1 teaspoon), a couple of melted honey (1 tablespoon) and your daily nourishing cream (1 teaspoon).
  • 5. Cottage Cheese and Sour Cream Mask
    Homemade cheese (1 tablespoon) mixed with sour cream homemade (1 tablespoon), add olive oil (1 teaspoon), any fruit juice (1 teaspoon) and dilute the mixture with milk until mushy state.
  • 6. Banana Protective Mask for Winter
    Banana pulp (1 tablespoon) mixed with olive oil (1 teaspoon), any nourishing cream (1 teaspoon) and lemon juice (1 teaspoon).
  • 7. Fruit Mask for Protection from Ultraviolet
    Mix mashed apple, orange and banana (1 teaspoon), add the olive oil (a few drops).

If you follow all the attendant recommendations, homemade facials for protection will be the most favorable, and the result will exceed all expectations.