Honey Mask for Preventing Hair Loss Naturally

Today I would like to share one more mask for preventing hair loss naturally.

I used it from time to time to keep my hair bright and in a good form.

The first mask what I use regulary I gave there.

I want also to advice you to check up all your body carefully with the hepls of doctors and to make sure that everything is OK with your health.

Because the hair is the result of the health of the body.

And to stop the hair loss is very difficult without the knowing the causes of this phenomenon.

You can read my thoughts about this here and here.

2) My second hair mask. You can make a break or continue to treat your hair with the other no less effective mask to restore hair density. This mask strengthens the roots, making the hair thicker and voluminous. Volume after using the mask lasts a long time.

So, to prepare the mask, you need:

– 1 cup coarse salt;

– 1 cup of honey;

– 1 glass of brandy.

Put all the ingredients in a glass bowl, stir, cover and put in a dark place for 2 weeks. After this time the mask is ready for use.

Apply to the hair roots. Then put on a warming cap and hold for about an hour. Then rinse with water, without using shampoo.

Many experts recommend using a mask instead of shampoo, for the period of treatment.

The effect of this mask will be noticeable after two weeks of use.

The hair becomes thick and healthy. Increases not only the amount of hair, but their thickness.

These recipes are designed specifically for fine hair, which quickly lose volume.

My third hair mask