Pregnancy Planning and Sports Activities


1 Myths about sports when planning?
1.1 Myth number 1. Sport in planning disrupts the work of the ovaries
1.2 Myth number 2. With good health any sport is allowed
1.3 Myth number 3. Pumped muscles of the press impede movement during childbirth
2 Sports, hormones and menstrual cycle
3 How do I distribute the load according to the cycle days?
4 Result

Many women who plan pregnancy, are very attentive to their health. After all, conception itself is a mystery, and in many cases is not limited to biological processes, but involves a number of research and procedures.

Unfortunately, many reproductive physicians in the post-Soviet space agree that pregnancy planning and active sports activities are incompatible, but modern foreign studies in the field of evidence-based medicine say otherwise. So what do future mothers do and whom to listen to?

Myths about sports when planning?

Modern medicine has a huge number of drugs that can solve almost any problem. Nevertheless, couples suffering from infertility are increasing every year, as evidenced by many women’s forums and blogs for future and held moms.

A lot of negative examples among friends, both real and virtual, create myths that force every planning or pregnant woman on a short term to lead a literally “recumbent” way of life. Therefore, to begin with, we will briefly go through the main legends, after which we proceed to the facts.

Myth number 1. Sport in planning disrupts the work of the ovaries

In a sense, it can go down for truth, because with heavy loads, the adrenal gland women begin to produce testosterone, which is responsible for the growth of muscle mass and fat burning. Evidence-based medicine really confirms rare facts when professional athletes could not get pregnant with prolonged frequent training, but often, these cases are an exception to the rules.

If you are planning to give birth to a healthy baby, you do not have to torture yourself and your body to the shape of a fitness bikini champion, but it is very important to provide healthy, feasible loads.

First of all, because during exercise sports improves blood circulation, including in the pelvic organs, and this helps improve the quality of the endometrium (the inner layer of the uterus), which will ensure you secure attachment of the fetal egg.

Important! From here follows the opinion that when planning you can not sit on diets. Of course, diets are harmful to the body of women at any stage of life, but proper nutrition is a pledge of the same notorious hormonal background that provides a regular menstrual cycle, quality eggs and successful attachment of the embryo.

Pregnancy Planning

Pregnancy Planning and Sports Activities

Myth number 2. With good health any sport is allowed

If you are planning a pregnancy in the near future, but your physical form is far from perfect, and strength and endurance leave much to be desired, then do not rush headlong into unfamiliar sports. To maintain a good shape, 1-2 cardio workouts per week, as well as 1-2 strengths, are sufficient. If the total you have 3 trips to the hall – it will be an excellent result.

Do not try to master extreme sports during the planning period, for example, skiing, snowboarding, biking (running on spring-loaded stilts), cycling, skating or rollerblading, tennis, all those activities where you can get injured . This opinion is due to the fact that a woman may not immediately find out about her interesting situation, and trauma can harm a future child.

The world community of doctors considers the following types of training to be safe in planning:

  • Pilates;
  • fitness;
  • yoga;
  • swimming;
  • walking;
  • run;
  • dancing.

It should be remembered that it is always necessary to listen to your body and choose the kind and intensity of the load that is possible to you.

Myth number 3. Pumped muscles of the press impede movement during childbirth

This myth is not directly related to planning, but there is a place not to be on the third, but on the first place by absurdity. Neither pumped up muscles of the press, nor flabby, in no way affect the ability of a woman to give birth naturally. If you do not believe, ask your moms and grandmothers, it is unlikely that among them were phytonashes.

These are the most common myths about sports during planning, and, as you can see, they are completely unreasonable.

However, one important point should not be missed: during such a critical period of life, a woman should listen to the recommendations of her doctor, undergo an appropriate examination to understand how safe it is to deal with this or that kind of burden.

Sports, hormones and menstrual cycle

In the female body, everything is interconnected and subordinated to the effects of hormones.

For beauty and women’s health meet estrogen, for the reproductive function of progesterone, for libido – testosterone, and for the retention of pregnancy a number of hormones adrenal, thyroid and pituitary.

Curious and very important fact: absolutely all hormones are derived from nutrients that are used for food. The basis of all the bases is cholesterol, which is the progenitor of progesterone, and he, in turn, is a derivative for a number of male hormones in the female body and only then female.

The hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle are very important for the pregnancy to come and go. And, consequently, all this affects the metabolic processes during training, so it is very important to know the phases of the cycle and to ensure the correct balance of nutrition and loads in accordance.

The menstrual cycle consists of 3 phases:

  • follicular;
  • ovulation;
  • luteal – in most cases, this is the last 14 days of the cycle.

During the follicular phase, the woman feels most of the impact of training, but as fuel used carbohydrates, which are used for food. During ovulation, estrogens reach a peak value, after which the luteal phase occurs and the body is able to burn fat, as already available, and coming with food as a fuel.

Given the fact that progesterone, which is produced by the ovaries in the second phase, comes from cholesterol, then taking into account the training, the body may suffer from the insufficiency of this hormone-building material, which as a whole can lower the level of progesterone. And it, in turn, is very important for the formation of a favorable environment for the implantation of the fetal egg. That is why it is important to ensure the correct balance of not only calories, but also BJU (proteins, fats and carbohydrates).

Pregnancy Planning

Pregnancy Planning and Sports Activities

How to distribute the load in accordance with the days of the cycle?

This is the most important information, since the correct approach to training provides you not only a good mood, but also the absence of injuries and side effects from the sport. We give an example of the distribution of loads for a standard 28-day cycle.

If it is longer or shorter, you can calculate it by subtracting 14 from the total number of days, which is in most cases the luteal phase.

1/ During menstruation from 1 to 4 day of the cycle, try to exclude pressure on the area of ​​the press, pelvis and legs, as increasing blood circulation in these departments can provoke an increase in bleeding, which will worsen overall well-being. It is better during this period to engage in quieter sports, exclude jumps and all the other “shock” exercises, since sharp pressure jumps in this period also will not be beneficial.

2/ From 4 days before the onset of ovulation, you can easily increase the load, including force. It should be remembered that you were comfortable, you should not be killed, but you should not forget that strength training, especially on the press, has a very beneficial effect on the growth of the endometrium.

3/ From the 15th to the 23rd day, one should be more cautious, because the process of conception can already go at full speed. Just these days, a fertilized egg travels through the fallopian tube and to reduce the motor activity of the pipes, the pressure on the press and legs should again be reduced.

4/ 4-5 days before the onset of a new cycle, doctors recommend practicing calm sports, such as stretch marks, breathing practices and meditation.

The result

Unfortunately, we can not argue that feasible exercise and proper, rational nutrition can help infertile couples find long-awaited happiness. Sometimes treatment is required.
However, there is no need to neglect sport either – this simple and reasonable approach can not be solved by all, but many hormonal problems, will reduce the level of stress in the planning woman, improve her physical form and morally prepare her for a joyful, but very responsible period of motherhood.